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Beverly L.

Author of Queer Fiction and Poetry.

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Welcome to my website. I do hope you are well as you are visiting. Just a note, before you go delving into my work, I specialize in writing hurt/comfort works, and dark romance is a subplot of many of my books. I deal with trauma and PTSD and other mental health concerns. My characters are flawed and have things they need to deal with in many ways. Please be mindful of warnings and content notes on each particular work that is posted. If that's all good and you feel like you can handle things around here, please take a look at my work and visit the blog if you want to know some real life information and backstory to me, the author. 

Also a quick note to let you know I focus on queer themes. There are occasional heterosexual and cisgender characters in my works, but the vast majority are queer in some way or another. I play a lot with gender and gender roles, so there are a lot of themes surrounding those things. 

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