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Characters | Doctor's Training Trilogy

Below find some information on the characters of On the Training of Doctors. Names listed in quotes are Scene names for that particular character. Nick names or other names will be in italics.

Please note that Kieran Sung is a very special case. The story makes it very clear that he is quite unique in his abilities. Please remember this is a fictionalized world, and while it is very unlikely for someone like Kieran to exist, it is indeed possible. The combination of Savant Sydrome and Autism was popularized in the movie Rain Man, however, Kieran has different autistic traits than that character. The story makes a point of the fact that Kieran does not fit in even among other people in the Autism community.


It is very possible for a person like Kieran to have very high intelligence and the kind of focus that Kieran shows. Kieran is no "savant" though he is incredibly intelligent. He has struggles in some areas that others might find easy, and he has high needs in some areas, and low needs in other areas. I will refrain from using "functioning labels" because they rarely give you a real picture of an autistic person.

Kieran is based on my own autistic traits and some of some very immediate family members. There will be discussion in the novel about the baseless idea of "functioning labels" and dealing with things such as ABA therapy and the damage that it does to those of us dealing with autism.


Many characters in the stories we are crafting are Queer. Both authors are also queer people, so we felt like displaying how the queer world intersects with the BDSM and other communities was essential. We strive to provide readers with information and realities of the way things are. Not everything is pretty. There is transphobia, transmisogyny, misogyny, homophobia, ableism, and outright bigotry in the lives of these people.


Dr. Kieran Sung



Kieran was born on July 26th in 1991, at twenty six weeks gestation.  At birth, he was 1 lb., 7 oz.  He spent the next six months in Washington University’s Neo-natal unit.  He was born with moderate hydrocephalus which required a shunt when he was two years old.  He was diagnosed with autism at the age of two when he was not developing language skills, and was severely delayed in his gross motor skills. 


By five, he’d been diagnosed with dyspraxia, but his fine motor skills seemed to be unaffected.  At the age of eight, he was pulled for special education testing because he wasn’t progressing.  At that point they found that he was instead highly intelligent, with an IQ estimated over 150 at that time.  Testing was skewed, and he was moved to a special school for children with autism that showed savant syndrome or high IQ.  Once at Channings, he excelled and within two years, he had not only caught up to his level, but accelerated enough to start taking correspondence courses from Washington University.  He officially graduated high school at twelve years of age, and graduated with a double bachelor’s in chemistry and biology at the age of fourteen.  Testing into his IQ at that time estimated it to be near the 200 mark, if not higher.

He went through the five year MD program in four years, and took a residency at the school.  During residency, he successfully completed a Master’s of science in biostatistics and in clinical investigation.  The year after residency he finished his Ph.D. in neurosciences, successfully defending his dissertation on the use of micro-lasers in removal of “inoperable” brain tumors.  Later the same year he completed the Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Philosophy program.  He took a job as head of neurosurgery at his father’s hospital at the age of 23.  He is known for operating when others claim it is impossible, and has yet to lose a patient due to his own lack of ability.

His closest friend is Mary Jameson who grew up next door to him.  Mary is the same age as he is, and considers herself his protector of sorts.  This causes problems when she sees his relationship with his partners as inappropriate and bordering on abusive.

Kieran is socially awkward to a painful degree.  He relies on scripts, checklists, and routines when dealing with people.  He has little interest in making friendships with others, and only deals with patients and patient’s families because he has to do so.  He often trips and has a lot of trouble with doing physical tasks.  His fine motor skills are exacting to a nearly impossible degree. 


He has "scripts" and "checklists" for a great number of regular social situations.  He is comforted by these and often incredibly bothered if he goes “off script.


Varick Jaeger



Varick had initially decided to go to school to become a novelist and writer.  This thought was pushed aside when six months after graduation he got a letter from his father, Wilhelm, telling him that he was in California and hoped Varick and his sister were well.  He indicated that he was in trouble of some sort, and Varick pursued his dream of “rescuing” his father.  When he got to CA, his father was nowhere to be found and Varick had spent his entire college fund to make his way to Santa Cruz.  He had just enough money left to purchase a motorcycle to get around on; it was a run down, beat up 67 Triumph Bonneville that he got for 500 dollars.  He ended up learning how to do all his own work on the bike and wanted to become a mechanic when he could afford to go to school.   He went to work at a local tattoo shop to save money either for school or to go home, and met his soon to be best friend Marco Cruz.  They became inseparable, and formed a motorcycle club called the Pride.  After a few years, however, Varick found that his partner was interested in less than legal enterprises.  Recently, he found out that drug-running had been going on without his knowledge, and several of his lieutenants were also running drugs using the club as a front.  Without his knowledge, Marco had contracted to turn their MCC into a full MC, and provide a drug pipeline from north to south CA.  He contacted his friend <Shane> and worked through him to bust those guilty in the club.  He remained in CA long enough to testify in the federal court and see that Marco and the others were put away.

Disgusted and annoyed, Varick made his way back home to St. Louis to his step mother and his half-sister, Clair.  Since he’s returned, he picked up a job working at the Japanese Teahouse tattoo and piercing parlor while staying with his sister and mother and helping out with their bills.

Varick is knowledgeable in brawling style fighting, mostly learned through experience.  He is also very skilled with the butterfly knife that he rarely goes anywhere without.  He tends to show off in front of others when he gets the chance.  He knows a lot about fixing bikes, but he also can quote Shakespeare and Kant.  He is a highly intelligent individual, though he rarely shows it.

Varick is deceptive.  He is covered with tattoos at first glance, however when someone takes the time to really look at what he’s had inked, they realize that he is quite the “geek” and not at all what they expect.  His tattoos reflect several things.  Over his life he has come to rely on fiction and comic books to inspire him.  As a child, he dreamed of becoming a superhero and rescuing his father and brining him home.  He has fond memories of pouring over Marvel and DC comic books well into the early morning hours.  He also found that books helped him escape from the constant teasing he endured due to a severe motor delay he suffered as a child.  He tended to escape into books that could separate him from reality, mostly hero fantasies, fantasy, and science fiction.  He also had a great love of HG Wells, JRR Tolkien, and Stephen King.  His mother encouraged reading, no matter what form, and from an early age kept him in books, both comic and novels, and hoped that he would continue with school.
Varick comes off as being very tough, but he is actually a very gentle and caring person.  He identifies his sexuality as being “whatever”.  He abhors the use of “labels” because he is constantly labeled because of his appearance.  He has had experience with both male and female partners in his early twenties, and participated in more than one “group” scenario.  He found himself not really enjoying himself as much as he would have liked.  At that point, he decided that sex was more work than it was worth, and focused on his artistry and writing. Technically he is a demi-sexual, needing a strong emotional attachment to someone before he can truly enjoy being with them sexually, which is why he has never had a relationship that lasted


Devan Sullivan



Karen and Donald met in a Dungeon when they were in their early twenties.  Karen is a Domme and Donald quickly became attracted to the business student and became her lifelong sub.  They limit their play to clubs and the bedroom (house now that all three children have left home).  They have always been open about their lifestyle choices with their children, and were pleased when Devan showed great interest in the scene.  Maylin and Christof have shown passing interest, but have opted to concentrate on their college careers rather than enter the lifestyle.  Both are comfortable with their parents and their brother and their choices.  Maylin, however, has expressed that she may, once she has graduated, consider the lifestyle if her partner decides that he or she is also interested.  Maylin identifies as pansexual, while Christof identifies as strictly heterosexual.  Both of his siblings identify as cisgender.

Devan himself is a bigender switch. He is a submissive boy, and a Dominante woman. He does spend most of his "daily life" in a blended mode of being that can be brooding and self conscious that often slips into depression and self harm.


Devan is currently the liason between the O’Brien family and the Callaghans and part-time bartender at Strawberry's Black.


Carmine Deangelo



Carmine was raised by his mother, a determined Italian American woman who was disowned by her family when she gave birth to a child out of wedlock, and of African American descent.  He is intensely loyal to her and does everything he can to make sure her life is the best one possible.  He spends over half of his earnings from his stage performances on her, and often can be found working on her home in St. Peters, MO.  

He is a stage actor and frequently has high profile lead roles. He dreams of being a Hollywood movie star someday. However, he doesn't count on it, and is perfectly happy doing local stage work as long as he can take care of his mother.

He got into the St. Louis BDSM scene through a girlfriend and found himself drawn deeper into the scene since then.  He, however, has not found himself properly trained or instructed. His is what is considered a Kinkster, but he is unaware of the difference between the Kinksters and the Lifestylers in the BDSM community. 

Cocky and self-assured, he is often too loud and brash for most people’s tastes.  He tends to run hot and cold, and often is described as “changeful”. Carmine has Bipolar disorder that is mostly under control, however he has developed a reputation for being a player because of it. His partners struggle to deal with his mood shifts when he becomes depressed.

The O'Brien/Seath Family


Liam O'Brien raised his younger brother, Damien Seath from a young age. He chose to send him to Ireland, in hopes of keeping him out of the feud with Rian Callaghan. Once there, the young man marries an Irish lass. Despite being told she will never conceive, she becomes pregnant with twins. After their birth, the young mother is given the news that she will never bear any other children after giving birth to fraternal twins, Morrigan and Severus. She descends into a deep depression, leaving her young husbad at a loss. Not long after, a member of the organization and his wife are killed by a rival, leaving a pair of twins orphaned (who would later be named Mischka and Lyric). The two are brought to the compound, to be taken care of communally by the Family. Within a week, a pair of abandoned babies (later to be named Artemis and Tiberius) were left at the protestant church in the Family compound. Damien Seath, overwrought with caring for twins already, often used the communal Family nursery to help. One afternoon, his wife, who had been nearly mute for weeks, came out of her depression, saying that the babies needed her and she had to raise them. To Damien's surprise, she meant she was going to raise all six of the infants. Luckily for the seventeen year old father of six, he had a lot of support with the Family that surrounded him.





Sherlock is the youngest of a set of three Irish brothers who run a Private Investigation firm in Santa Cruz, California and St. Louis, MO. Sherlock is under the employ of Damien Seath, head of the O'Brien Family organization in Ireland. He has helped raise the six children that were under Damien Seath's charge from the age of seventeen.


Morrigan Seath

"The Chesire Cat", "Chesh"



Morrigan is Sherlock's long time girlfriend and sub, and also takes a great deal of the work in the PI business. She has a matriachal attitude to most the other siblings.



Mischka Seath




Mischka is normally one of the main people that works in the Santa Cruz PI office unless he is spending time with his boyfriend/sub, Artemis. Mischka is a professional piercer at the Japanese Teahouse in St. Charles, currently, having returned both to stay in the area for Artemis and to help his friend, Varick Jaeger get settled back into life in Missouri.



Artemis Seath




Artemis is the childhood friend of Kieran Sung. He is the head nurse for the Neurology department of McKellar Hospital. He and Mischka have been together since they were teenagers.



Lyric Seath




Lyric is the head bartender at Strawberry's Black. She has a very complicated relationship with Devan Sullivan that makes them more than friends, but less than lovers.

Tiberius Seath



Tiberius is lovingly called the family fuck up. The only one of the siblings that was unable to get rid of his Irish accent, Tiberius often works at the family's gym rather than work PI cases with his other family members. Tiberius does not participate in the D/s scene and tries very hard to avoid hearing anything about his sibling's activities. However, they delight in informing him of them anyway.



Severus Seath




Severus is a kinkster, unlike most of his family. Severus is in a long term relationship with his girlfriend Sophia.

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