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Characters | Kink in the City Trilogy

Robyn Jameson 

Robyn has been on the streets most of his life, and he's okay with that fact. He's learned to live the way that best suits him, and he has no reason to change. He recalls the trauma he underwent as a child, forced into underage sex work, but he tries not to let it bother him. 

Ricardo Vasquez

The owner and CEO of Vasquez Enterprises, a well-known company in St. Louis, MO, Ricardo has a lot going on in his life. His wife is dying of a slow growing brain tumor, and her days are at an end. He reaches out for a bit of paid comfort and finds himself with more than he bargained for.

In his handssmall.png
Dana Warner

A new professor at St. Charles Community College, Dana is nervous and very anxious because of a past that he wants to put behind him. In that past, he has a history of physical and emotional abuse. What he doesn't expect is to have a student in his class that nearly takes his breath away.

Jeremiah Harris

Another person trying to put his past behind him, Jeremiah is starting out a new life by starting school. He doesn't expect his sudden and intense attraction to the young biology professor. What he finds out, though, is that this professor needs a little more than the average everyday.

Unseen Darknesssmall.png
Harper Fields  

Harper doesn't think anything about his life is going to change. He lives with a man that is far more dangerous than anyone can imagine. He does everything to make sure he stays happy and that means degrading himself to a large degree. He doesn't expect to get help, but when it comes, he is caught between wanting a better life, and his fear of the man he is with.

Travis Aguilar

Travis works at a hotel and has taken note of his coworker and his odd ways. He gets a call in the middle of the night, waking him up from a dead sleep, and he can't ignore it.

Curtis Green

When his roommate wakes him to go help someone in need, Curtis can't say no. At first, he's along for the ride, not really involved, but the situation calls for more. He ends up far more entangled than he thought possible.

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