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Seaside Memories
Jun Tanaka

Jun doesn't know what to do when his world explodes. Held captive for years by his spiteful uncle, he doesn't know much about the outside world. When he escapes, he finds his way right into the lap of an unexpected savior.

Diego Garcia

A business student at a local college, Diego doesn't expect to have an interest in anyone, least of all the young man that he finds passed out behind the mechanic's shop. What he finds, though, is something more than he'd ever imagined for him. 

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Inside the Dollhouse
Taylor Owens


Kidnapped and held in a brothel, Taylor spends most his time drugged so he can't fight back. Then, one day, a private investigator comes in and breaks wide the operation he's a part of. He's got to learn to live when everything changes.

Conrad Marshall


A private investigator and ex police officer, Conrad has been put on a case to locate a missing teenage girl. What he finds instead shocks him, but what shocks him more is his reaction to one of the victims. He should know better, but in the end, his heart is louder than his head.

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The Edge of the Blade
Casey Ellis


Casey doesn't remember a time before he became the favorite plaything for the head of a human trafficking ring with a sadistic side. He knows that he had a life before this, but the reality is that everything else seems like a dream. That is, until a man comes into his life that changes everything.

Miguel Ramírez


An FBI agent undercover for the last three years, Miguel knows his job and what he's doing. He's busting the human trafficking ring one way or another. When one of the people he rescues attaches to him, he doesn't know what to do, but things heat up as he realizes this is more than just hero worship.

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