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Characters | The Taming Game

Tayvon Philips

Tay is a young man with a drug problem, and even more problems in his life than he wants to think about. He spends his nights on friends' couches and has nowhere to call home anymore. Could Ziggy and Ichihara change that?

Ziggy Yuki

A young doctoral student in business at UMSL, Ziggy fell in love with Ichihara and married him. He also calls him his Master. Then one day, Tay catches his attention, it ignites the fires of Domination in him.

Yosuke Ichihara

A second generation Japanese American, Ichihara has a love of all things Japanese, none moreso than his younger husband, Ziggy. A Dom with a strict countenance, but with a dry sense of humor, he's willing to let his boy have a chance to Dominate and see how he does.

Edna Houston

A woman with a lot on her mind, she's spent a lot of that time on the streets. She's seeking something for herself that's unnamed yet.

Ahuli Summerhill

A man with a history of abuse comes to find himself enamored with a girl at school. He has a magnetic personality that draws people to him, including his two pets, Sophie Anne and Aaron.

Emmanuel Fernandez

A football player with a penchant for getting in trouble, Emmanuel finds himself drawn to the powerful personality of the Dominant Arjun.

Arjun Khatri

A sports medicine doctor at McKellar Hospital, Arjun does not like sports. However, when a patient comes in with a shoulder injury, he finds himself drawn to him despite all codes of ethics in place between them.

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