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Year        Events

1 OR       Banded Court established, all elves are in residence on the islands of Sern T’sal (Spirit Isles). There is peace among them. They have not yet ventured to the large continent to their East which they call only the “Eastlands”. All events previous to 1 OR are considered BR (Before Reckoning) but there is no role of years to organize them save the oral history of the t’Kalima.

75 OR     The elves begin to separate into their distinct tribes, choosing to be somewhat separate, but still connected through the Banded Court.

256 OR   The Spirana t’Kalima decide to launch an exploration boat to the Eastlands to see who and what they encounter.

306 OR   After several years without contact, the expedition, called the Iveson, is deemed lost at sea, and considering lack of magical contact, it is unsure where they went down.

407 OR   The Noran t’Kalima come to the Banded Court with an exploration plan, once again, wanting to take a crew of each of the Elven tribes. After much debate, the plan is approved by the Banded Court.

410 OR   The next expedition, named the Kranos, leaves Sern T’sal.

411 OR   Kranos makes landfall in what will become Darna, on the northern lands of the Eastlands. The elves make contact almost immediately with primitive human tribes. The humans at this point have little power, and the elves offer protection from the ravaging wilds.

413 OR   The elven explorers continue to come to the Eastlands, bringing with them settlers who settle alongside the humans within their tribes. They bring with them technology, writing, and mathematics.

456 OR   Humans begin to build the kingdoms of Darna and Luxen.

539 OR   Vestern established, a kingdom headed by humans but mostly populated by a people called the Halifast, a race very similar to humans, but about half the size. The Halifast are peaceful and enjoy working with the Humans. While the king is human, his advisor is a Halifast.

701 OR   The Marin t’Kalima establish a large outpost on the island to the north of the Eastlands, which they name Zerri T’ves.

731 OR   Humans establish the kingdom of Namas and Phomean. Slowly the humans are being brought the advances of the elvenkind.

789 OR   Humans establish the kingdom of Lineria.

Kranos sends word of the success of their mission. Other Elven tribes send expeditions to the East lands.

801 OR   The Isle of Night is discovered, an island ringed with cliffs and mountains, and seemingly impenetrable.

905 OR   Whispara t’Kalima claim a large forest in the center of the continent for their outpost, named the Anaset forest.

1125 OR The Tryst Dynasty begins. King Tryst of Lineria starts forging alliances with other smaller nations nearby. Last year of Old Reckoning.

1 NR       The Banded Court forges the first Broad Alliance with King Tryst and other members of the human nations.

5 NR       A joint mission between humans and elves is sent to the Jungles to the southern peninsula for the purpose of exploration.

25 NR     Discovery of the Shifters in the center of the continent around the edges of the Anaset forest. A fast alliance between the Shifter tribes and the Whispara.

88 NR     Discovery of the Zamos on the peninsula.

93 NR     Strife between the elven tribes begins over petty matters; the Banded Court takes little notice. They are more concerned with the growing power of the humans.

99 NR     The Ruana t’Kalima send an expedition into the desert to the south east and end up establishing an outpost before the end of the year. They make contact with the native Wraiths of the forest and establish a trade relationship with them.

103 NR   Restel t’Blanisa is found dead by her advisor during a meeting with the Lumen t’Kalima. Noran t’Kalima leave the Banded Court over the incident. They form a colony in the mountains west of Lineria.

104 NR   Lumen investigators fine evidence that the representative of the Marin t’Kalima. Furious with the Lumen, the Marin as well as Whispara leave the Banded Court. The Marin take up residence on the northern island they had established an outpost on, and the Whispara took up residence in the Anaset Forest, feeling a great connection with the ancient wood.

105 NR   Ruana t’Kalima lose a number of high ranking members of their court. Ravsa t’Kalima representatives feed them information that the Lumen are involved. Both tribes leave the Banded Court, the Ruana taking up permanent residence in the great desert, naming it the San t’Shi and the Ravsa taking underground in the Windsong mountains close to the Noran stronghold.

1 AW      The Ascension war begins with attacks on the Noran t’Kalima by the Ravsa.

2-45 AW Several skirmishes between various tribes occur over the next several years, each one violent and leading to loss of life and nothing productive.

48 AW    Finally tiring of the battles, the Lumen retreat to the homeland of their island and leave the rest of the elves to their own devices.

49 AW    Ruana t’Kalima soon also leave the battles and close their borders, threatening death to any who dare come into their lands.

50 AW    The generally peaceful humans begin establishing empires. Lineria’s current king begins taking over surrounding areas with an iron will.

53 AW    Ackana is visited by a prophetic vision in which she rules all of Avern and is inspired to begin creation of the Crystal of the Gods.

58 AW    The Ravsa and Dwarves form an alliance and decide to establish themselves and fend off the increasingly violent Noran t’Kalima.

59 AW    Marin t’Kalima seal their borders and establish their own society with threat of death to trespassers.

62 AW    Whispara officially cut off relations with all other races and insulate themselves in their forest.

75 AW    Human kingdoms begin to flourish, and with the success, various wars spring up across the lands.

78 AW    The Orc Wars begin. Orcs decide to spread out from the Wildlands into the civilized nations nearby.

79 AW    Human kingdoms begin allying with each other to fight the Orc menace.

82 AW    The Orcs, their numbers greatly reduced, are left to their own tribes in the wilds of the Wildlands. Meanwhile, humans begin forming lasting alliances with the Shifters of the same land.

92 AW- 265 AW   Reasonable alliances were formed during this time, and there were few all out wars, but the peace was very tense, leading to much espionage and infiltration exercises. During this time Ackana, is gathering her forces and has completed the fortress that will house the Crystal of the Gods. She begins gathering Prophets, Seers and Druids before the Forge can find them.

266-498 AW        Ackana’s forces incite rebellion and advancement of the war forces during this time. The attempt to continue the constant wars is successful and it seems Avern’s people are on the brink of implosion. She provides weapons to any who ask, as well as undead soldiers when they are needed.

499 AW Continued fighting and lack of compromise brings the priests to gather and ask for help from their deities. This, the Convening of the Faithful, lasted one month. At the end of that time, each priest/priestess received a vision confirming that the Divine had heard their pleas for salvation.

499 AW –Eve of the Autumnal Equinox         In an attempt to stem the self-destruction of the people of Avern, the twenty gods, and four lesser gods including Ackana gather in mortal avatars on the Isle of Night. At the stroke of Midnight, all of Avern witnessed an explosion of light emanating from the sacred island. Many priests, priestesses, prophets and seers die immediately. The current Oracle, Aresena, also succumbs after delivering a final prophecy.

1 AY        The Abandoned Years begin.

10 AY     After the apparent complete loss of divine powers, skirmishes between kingdoms begin to increase at an alarming rate.

39 AY     Leaders of all the largest human kingdoms and some of the smaller ones come together in what became known as the Conference of Nine.

52 AY     Skirmishes between the human kingdoms and non-humans begin to rise and fear begins to increase among the people.

78 AY     It is decided that everyone has lost significant power, both those who worship the light and the dark.

97 AY     Most Prophets report the Veil.

236 AY   Out of fear, the current Oracle, Trimertam goes into hiding, keeping the line of Oracles secret from that point forward. The House of Oracles is constructed in the Wildlands.

380 AY   Age of Destruction begins. Overall this time was marked with strange and extreme weather and many rivers and lakes were reshaped.

509 AY   The landscape of the north is reshaped as a third mountain range rises from the land and merges with the already existing two, effectively isolating the kingdom of Lineria.

560 AY   Several small islands south of the Seran jungle sink into the ocean taking their indigenous populations with them.

598 AY   The Conference of Nine reconvenes when it seems that the weather patterns are beginning to stabilize.

600 AY   Age of Law begins.

623 AY   The Conference of Nine approves the building of the Forge, the creation of the Regulations on Magic and deployment of the magical enforcers known as the regulators.

990 AY   Age of Chaos begins with resurgence of Orc warlords in the Wildlands attacking nearby areas.

999 AY   Current year

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