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Magic of Avern

Magic, like the universe is based on the three spheres.  Like the planes, there are three spheres of magic, from which all magic is drawn from depending on where the spheres intersect.  The spheres are Light, Dark and Elemental.  Much like the planes, which consist of the light planes (upper planes), and the dark planes (lower planes), and the world of Avern (elemental planes), there are places the sphere’s cross each other, giving rise to other types of magic.  The three energies of Avern are present in the planes, positive, negative and wild.

To learn magic, one must have the Talent.  The Talent is the capability to channel the raw energies of magic into something else.  Identifying one with the Talent is relatively easy for a Master, and somewhat more difficult for a Teacher.  Using an ability that all who can use the Spheres of Magic can use, the Master or Teacher examines the potential Sphere User.  If a certain color is found in his or her aura, then that person may channel magic.  The color is a complex color of violet and black, with a sprinkling of sparkles that look like stars.  For Masters, it is easy to separate the different Auras, but Teachers may have a more difficult time.  For this reason, most Teachers do not attempt to identify those with the Talent; they instead take them to a Master.

One with the Talent can use any Sphere, they only have to be taught.  Many people with the Talent never know that they have it, and they go through life just as happy that they do not know, but sometimes, Teachers seek new students, and go forth to find those with the will and without the fear of Magic.

Spheres of Magic

Star Sphere – The other three spheres rest inside the Star Sphere.  The word Star is basically another word for Magic, describing the fact that Kalimourne gathered the Stars to her to give to the mortals at the beginning of Time.  Also, magic tends to take on visual effects similar to stars.  Masters of the Star Sphere are called Sorcerers or Sorceresses.  Their magic flows very naturally as the Keeper of Stars, Kalimourne, has showed them the Path of Stars before they are even born.  The Path of Stars begins to show itself when the person is ready, both in maturity and mentality.  Sometimes, it may be fifty years before the ability shows itself, and sometimes it only shows itself when another Sorcerer appears to train the younger one.  Since the Abandonment, none with the ability to use the Sphere of Stars has been born.  It is assumed that without Kalimourne to show someone the Path of Stars, there is no way to learn the ways.  Even before, when this Forgotten Sphere was practiced, those born with the ability to channel Star magic were rare, perhaps one in ten thousand who was born with the Talent would be those of the Star Sphere.  Those who carry the Path of Stars are obvious to even the newest Sphere users, because their Aura is entirely a deep royal purple with stars all around.  No other color exists in their Aura.  The Star Sphere cannot be learned; it is entirely innate.         Practiced by: Sorcerers

Light (Spirit/Spiritual/Positive) Sphere – The Light sphere is a sphere that encompasses the beginning of life, the beginning of a cycle, or anything of that type of area.  The light sphere draws from positive energy.  Since this sphere draws on pure positive energy, those that practice this sphere must ward against overdrawing themselves.  They must often recharge themselves.  Overuse of the light sphere can lead to separation of the soul from the physical and send them into a period of spiritual flux.

Spirit – Pure light sphere magic focuses on the spirit of everything. The power of Spirit is deceptive.  It appears to be nonexistent in so many ways, because the power is subtle.  At the core of every being there is a Spirit.  Use of Spirit Magics can alter the very Spirit of beings and things.  Using Spirit magic brings help are harm to something far deeper than any other magic, and those that Master the Spirits, called, Spirit Walkers, are more than able to defend themselves.  Pure Spirit magic is often a feminine trait, as spirit walkers, or can be combined with other paths to practice it in a different way, such as paladins.  Practiced by: Spirit Walkers, Paladins

Spatial: Intersection of Light and Elemental – Those that use this type of magic can move from place to place within a moment’s notice, or may transport people or things just as quickly.  Those that deal in place magic and learn all aspects of it can be very useful for their ability to go anywhere and send things anywhere.  Those that have the place magics are rare however, because it takes an extremely long time to learn how to bend space.  Practiced by: Guides

Elemental (Nature/Physical/Wild) Sphere – The Elemental sphere comprises all magic that draws from wild energy.  This can be practiced in a couple of ways.  They often are called four points magic or wild magic, and each magic often looks different.

Four Point Magic: Pure elemental magic: fire, water, earth, and air.  The four “Points” may be combined in various ways to different effects.  Masters of Four Points can bring ruin to entire regions if they desire, or they can help just the same.  Generally students of Four Points are trained for at least ten years in each Point.  Then they must spend anywhere from 10 to 30 years learning the ways in which to combine them.  Other practitioners of Four Points choose to practice only one, two or three of the Points.  This type of magic, referred to as either Single Point, Double Point, or Triple Point Magic, is the faster route, taking much less time to master.  However, to be considered a Master of this Sphere, one must master all Points, and the ability to combine the Points.  The practice of Four Points is a very old discipline, and is thought to have been the first type of magic discovered. Practiced by: Elementalists (All), Firamancers (Fire), Aeromancers (Air), Aquamancers (Water), Terramancers (Earth), Stone Brothers (Earth and Water), Storm Children (Water and Air), Bloodfires (Earth and Fire), and many others.

Nature/Wild: Wild magic is sometimes called natural or green magic.  It takes perhaps fifty or more years to become a Master, but Wild Masters can re-grow entire forests within days, and repair almost any living, natural thing.  Their magic is unable to harm the Natural World.  They cannot harm natural creatures, unless they are threatening the Natural World or other natural creatures.  These practitioners appear to almost be pacifistic, until someone does something to damage their lands.  Usually, one Wild Master will live in a fifty to hundred mile area of the wilds, and train other Wild Masters there.  Any who enter his or her area, called their Wild Tract, had better beware and not disorder the natural world around them. Among Those that practice the wild, there are those that specialize in using animals, and beasts, these, called summoners, summon the creature to them to aid them.  Practiced by: Druids, Wild Women, Summoners

Temporal: Intersection of Elemental and Dark:  This magic deals with time.  The time sphere is rarely if ever used.  A large amount of time must be spent on this area, and many races do not possess the longevity to even begin to learn mastery of time.  Those that do, however, can appear to live forever by manipulating various things.  However, wanton use of this can upset the Balance and cause unknown misery upon the wielder of this magic.  Those that become Temporal Masters are rare indeed and usually ancient by the time they come to power.  If any Masters currently exist, they are unknown.  Practiced by: Chronomancers

Dark (Psychic/Mental/Negative) Sphere – The Dark sphere draws from negative energy.  This does not necessarily mean that that the magic is evil.  There is a natural ending to all things and that is present in the Dark sphere.  As thus the magic associated with the Dark sphere is that of Psychic magic.  Psychic energy draws on negative energy because it manipulates the energies of the mind and removes energy as it is worked.  Workers of the Dark sphere must frequently recharge in various ways and must protect themselves from overdrawing their own energies.

Psychic – This magic does everything it can to use the target’s mind against them.  There are different ways to practice psychic magic.  Enchantments make the target more willing and take over a target’s mind, while Illusions make someone see and possibly feel things that are not there.  Those that Master both sides can do many things without others remembering that they were even there. Practiced by: Enchanters (Enchantment) and Illusionists (Illusions)

Cycle: Intersection of Dark and Light – Cycle magic is simply Life and Death magics, or also called Entropy magics.  The magic of the Cycle provides life to everything and eventually death to everything.  One may take the path of life alone or the path of death alone, but to become a Master, one must learn both aspects.  The Cycle Sphere is one of the more difficult Sphere’s of magic, taking at least 20 years in each aspect, and more to learn the intricacies of putting two opposites into effect with each other.  A true Master of Cycle Magic can turn entire cities to ravaging undead, or bring an army of twenty thousand men back to life. These types of magics are integrated with each other, and cannot be separated.  A healer must deal with both positive and negative energy, and so must a necromancer.  Practiced by: Cyclists (Both), Healers (Life), or Necromancers or Entrophists (Death)


The intersection of all three spheres gives rise to Shadow magic.  This particular magic is not accessed by any except Sorcerers. Sorcerers do not have a label for this type of magic, but it can be magic that balances other magics.


 Magic of The Void – There are places between the spheres where there is simply nothing.  There is only blankness.  There is neither life nor death, nor law or chaos.  Such is the place of the Void.  Those that tamper into the Void are doomed to succumb to it, but there are many who try.  The power of the Void is quick, and self destructive, but there are many who will trade everything for power.  There are others who simply believe that the Void is a living creature like the Maker and Unmaker, and thus should be worshiped and abided by.  All of those that follow the Void are loosely aligned under the calling of the Master of the Void and refer to themselves as the Prophets of the Void, though none have any sorcerous abilities.  The majority actually believe that what they do is what is meant to be done.

                  Practiced by: Prophets of the Void

 Oracles and True Sorcerers


For a true Oracle to be, they must exist of three parts.

Seer: A seer can see through enchantment, illusions, and often has flashes of incite from the minds of others.  They essentially are immune to psychic powers, much like the natural power of the dwarves, making them impervious to magic from the others that practice in the psychic sphere, especially wizards.  Often they cannot be lied to or fooled by others.  They can sometimes glimpse coming events, but usually not in detail, nor very far in the future.  Mark of the Seer is a Star pattern that appears in silver over their eyes when using the powers of a Seer, and many times have shocks of white in their hair.  Some are born blind except for during episodes of seeing past that which is not real.  Seers access the magic sphere of dark, that of the psychic.

Prophet: A prophet is one that views the future and is often put into a deep trance in which they can receive extended visions of future, past or present.  Prophets always see the truth, but sometimes it is possible to change the truth. They are also often exorcists, able to see deep into the world of spirits and otherworldly creatures.  Wizards trained in the psychic sphere are never quite able to see extra planar creatures as effectively as Prophets, though they do make the attempt.  They can sometimes, like Seers, see past enchantments, but they do so by way of viewing the real spirit of a creature, not seeing past the enchantment or illusion itself. The Mark of the Prophet is a child born with brilliant violet eye color.  Prophets access the magic sphere of Spirit, that of the light.

Druid: A Druid wields all the power of nature.  They naturally can use magic of any of the four elements.  Druids also have a natural affinity for animals and plants, having the ability to communicate with either one if they so choose. There are varying degrees of druidic powers, and it is thought that many that live close to nature have some degree of the green powers.  They go by many names throughout the world of Avern, and in some of the more primitive areas are considered blessed by the gods or by nature.  They are generally marked by having some connection to the natural world (green hair/skin, bark like skin, etc). Druids access the elemental sphere, or that of nature.

All of these are referred to as sorcerous abilities, or natural practitioners of magic.  A True Sorcerer, one who is able to practice all the spheres of magic naturally without being marked at all, is very rare. A True Sorcerer only practices magic of the spheres without the other abilities associate with the three sorcerer abilities.  For example, they aren’t able to see past illusions, read minds, see the future, or speak to animals unless they use their magic to do so.  An Oracle is all three of the sorcerers combined with all their powers.

The last and final type of magic that of Shadow, is only accessible by True Sorcerers and Oracles.  Shadow is powerful, and also a balancing magic.  It combines the three parts of the world (physical, mental, spiritual).

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