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Escaping Fate, Embracing Destiny

A Paranormal Romance


CJ Kim is a normal college student. He is doing what most college students do, figuring himself out, sometimes the hard way. He has some strange dreams now and then, but he just thinks they are just dreams. They’re certainly nothing to worry about when reality is pressing down so hard on him. Between the demands of school and family, he has enough on his mind. 

He ends up with a huge crush on a senior that is on the baseball team. He doesn’t even like baseball, but he goes to games just to see him. Of course, he’ll never notice a gay and nerdy English major like CJ. Things are good, though. He even has a good relationship with his parents and his twin sisters.

He never expects his family’s past to come back to haunt him. It rears its head in the worst way possible and CJ finds himself the prisoner of a vengeful man. Thrust into something that goes beyond what can be considered normal, CJ finds out that there’s a fate out there trying to destroy him. He doesn’t know how, but he has to reach for a destiny that he can just barely see.

Content Warning: Contains scenes of non-consensual sexual violence. These are not romanticized and are not for titillation. This book examines these acts of violence and the damage and healing that follows.



An Exclusive Proposition

Kink in the City Trilogy: Book One

Robyn Jameson has worked for almost ten years on the streets and Below in a St. Louis brothel. His life has never been easy, and he started doing what he does early on, and not by his choice. Now, though, he has no problem with what he does, and doesn’t mind being in the life he leads. Now that he has a choice, he chooses to stay. He has friends, money he needs to live, and the drugs that he needs to endure the life he leads. He is not inclined to change anything about this life, at least, he isn’t until he meets his latest john, a suave yet stoic businessman named Ricardo Vasquez.

A slip of a tongue, and the word "Daddy" escapes his lips, only to find his client incredibly turned on by the word. Perhaps he's been seeking something more along the way, and this is a way to see it fulfilled. He doesn't know for sure, but he knows that things in his life can never be simple. He ends up embroiled in something much bigger than himself, and between Ricardo’s near obsession that he adores, and his family making a sudden appearance, Robyn finds himself in a state of complex change.

Content Warning: Non Consensual Sexual Violence, Drug Use

Behind the Red.png

Behind the Red - With J. Foster

A Queer Romantic Drama

Kerry Graham surprises his father by coming out as gay and cross-dresser. Then again, when he starts performing in drag at a local Cabaret named The Red. He finds himself free and able to be himself in a world that has always treated him as an outcast. He’s among people that understand him, and he can finally relax. Then, a dress arrives, seemingly an apology for a bit of bigotry from a shop clerk. No one thinks a dress can cause any harm, so he wears it under the stage lights. Things go awry, though, and Kerry has to wonder if he’s losing his mind. A bounty hunter swoops in, convinced that he can be of assistance in the situation along with some FBI agents on the trail of a pair of sadistic serial killers.

Kerry doesn’t believe it at first. Can he be targeted by these people? Or is he really losing his mind? He begins to doubt his own name before he knows what’s happening.

Content Warning: Stalking, Non Consensual Sexual Violence, Kidnapping

Safe Haven

Doctor's Training Book Two

Getting used to being locked up in a safe house, Devan Sullivan finds himself trying to deal with a past he’d rather forget in his attempts to help the young doctor Kieran Sung heal from his recent attack. The group is confined to the large Seath mansion, a house made specifically to protect the mob connected children of Irish Mobster Damien Seath. Things are not what they seem, and connections that were never intended are made between unlikely members of the Seath household and the people they are striving to help protect. Outside, the FBI is scrambling to avoid an all-out war between the rival mobsters Rian Callaghan and Liam O’Brien. However, is everything between the two Family Heads as simple as it appears?

Safe Haven is the second part of the Doctor’s Training Trilogy. This is a story of healing that examines D/s culture, the complexities of polyamory, and how people often deal with mental and physical trauma. Follow Kieran, Devan, Varick, Carmine, and the rest of their pack as together they navigate a world that rarely accepts people that do not fit in with accepted ideals.

Content Warning: PTSD Recovery, Non-Consensual Sexual Violence

Seaside Memories

Santa Cruz Trilogy: Book One

Diego Garcia doesn't expect his life to be turned upside down when he finds a beaten young man behind his garage. He simply thinks he’ll send him off to the police or the hospital and be done with it. However, things don’t work out as easily as he thinks they should. This guy doesn’t want to go to either place, and pleads with Diego to stay with him. He’s a little odd, and clings to him desperately, so what can he say but yes. Diego calls in some friends to help him and ends up in something bigger than he ever imagined.  His life has always been rather tame, until Jun Tanaka comes into it. Jun needs someone badly, and Diego at first doesn’t know what to do. He realizes that he’s become that person to Jun, and he can’t just leave him alone.

Diego is left with person with unique vulnerabilities and a strong personality that shines through despite what has happened to him. He finds himself falling quickly, and steadily, in love with someone he shouldn't. He ends up being taken somewhere he never expected to go, and he loves every moment of it. Even with looming doom over them, something stirs in the very stars that threatens to break them apart.

Content Warning: Non-Consensual Sexual Violence, Physical Abuse (past), Child Abuse (past).

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