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Chasing the Light

Chasing the Light is a trilogy that focuses on finding the light in the midst of situations that rarely have good ends. It's about finding that silver lining and holding onto it with everything. It follows three couples who come through a lot, and in the end, make things work, and reach their own happy endings.

Rainbow Daisy

Jamie Simmons is struggling to make ends meet, take care of his sisters, and deal with family drama when one of the richest guys he knows asks him out. He's amazed by this, first because apparently Chase is gay, and second that he’d ask out a poor guy like him. He agrees to go out with him if his sisters are provided with dinner as well. Chase Matherson is more than willing, and of course, he has expectations of his date for that night. Jamie gets back home, thinking that it was a one-night stand, and nothing more. 

To his surprise, Chase calls him back and wants to go out again. Jamie still thinks of the whole situation as transactional. His sisters and he get fed, and Chase gets what he wants for the night. Even though Jamie enjoys their time together, he doesn’t think of it as being more than what it is: sex. 

Then, though, things start to get serious for both, and Jamie's past comes back to haunt him, leaving him in a complicated position. As the world changes around him, Jamie wonders where Chase will stand when all of this is over. Chase is a fast guy in an even faster car, and Jamie wonders if there’s any way he can keep up.

Content Warning: Blackmailed Sex, Bad D/s Etiquette

Coming Soon From Beverly L. Anderson
Rainbow Bar
A Bit of Lace

Braydon Klein is just looking for a hookup. He doesn’t want to be tied down to a girlfriend, but he wants someone he can call on when he feels the need to sleep with someone. He wants no strings, just a friend with benefits, and he just can’t seem to find the right girl for that. His roommate suggests a femboy that he knows that would be down for a hookup, and at first, he says he’s not gay. With a little convincing, he decides to at least take the guy out. What he finds is a partner who can and will defend himself, and who isn’t delicate in the least.

River Meyer is also just looking to have a little fun. He’s not interested in the long-term thing, and he just wants to go out and get a good night out of someone. He gives dating Braydon a try, and likes what he wants, but as time goes on, things start to shift. Perhaps he’s interested in more than just a one-night stand after all, but he doesn’t know how to tell Braydon that. Then, a past date comes back with a vengeance, leaving River in a delicate position, something he doesn’t like in the least.

Content Warning: Non-Consensual Sexual Violence, Violence

Coming Soon From Beverly L. Anderson
Rainbow Bar

Cadence Walker suffers in literal silence since the death of his mother, and those around him don't seem to care. Then, he ends up spending a week in the hospital and people start to take notice, in particular a friend named Damian Wolfe. Damian starts trying to intercede, and when he does manage to do so, things change. Cadence has a hard time seeing how it is better, but maybe Damian can teach him how to live.

Content Warning: Non-Consensual Sexual Violence, Father/Son Incest (Non-Consensual)

Coming Soon From Beverly L. Anderson
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