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Chains of Fate
The Taming Game Trilogy

Claiming Belladonna.png

Claiming Belladonna

The Taming Game Book One


Tayvon Philips has nowhere to call home. He spends his time surfing couches, and staying with friends that don't all have his best interest in mind. Then, he's approached at his university one day by a man named Ziggy Yuki who isn't deterred by his young age. He mentions being into BDSM and seems to want Tay to join him. What this will do to his current state in life, Tay has no idea, but something about the strange man pulls him in. 

Ziggy Yuki is a married man in an open relationship with his husband, a Japanese American man. Ziggy himself is from Japan. His whole life is in serving his husband, but the young Tay ignites a fire inside him for the side of him he never knew existed. With his husband's blessing, he pursues him further, bringing him into their dynamic. They don't know the troubles they'll face along the way, but they're capable of tackling these things together wtih Tay.

Content Warning: Drug use

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