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Join the ARC Team

What's an ARC reader? ARC stands for Advance Reader Copy and it's a person that looks at the unfinished, unedited manuscript and gives feedback and reviews based on content, not on editing. If you leave a review, we ask that you ignore obvious editing issues such as misspellings and typos. Those will be fixed during editing passes before the final release. And the best part, you get a FREE copy of the final ebook just for being an ARC reader! So if you want to get involved, this is a great way to do so.

Please NOTE: There is NO requirement to leave a review if you receive an ARC of my books. I would very much like your feedback if you do receive an ARC, so if you would like to contact me via Facebook or email, you can certainly do so!


Sign up below, and you'll automatically receive an ARC link to the books I have coming out!

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