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Atlas Anderson


Atlas Anderson started writing in its head at a young age, as a means to escape this dull reality. It started out not writing out the ideas, instead imagining within their head, a theater of creativity and imagination. The stories it conjured were dark and gritty, with elements of fantasy and technology. Slowly, over time, it began to morph to become more complex, fleshing out every character, making flaws in every character, and even killing off some. This was the first sign of creativity. That spark still goes on today. 

Atlas Anderson is absolutely fascinated with the field of psychology, and how the mind works. Oftentimes, you can see it within his works.

There have been many inspirations for Atlas. Including music artists and bands like Chonny Jash, Tally Hall, Ricky Montgomery, Jhariah, Will Wood, and Mother Mother. 

Other hobbies of Atlas include gaming, philosophy, learning about mythos, progressivism, and music. 

Normality is simply a suggestion to Atlas, who seeks to bend the perception of what is viewed as normal. The status quo is non-existent to him.

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