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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where can I buy your books?
    You can buy from or your favorite retailer! Everything will also be available on if you have a subscription. You can also become a part of my Patreon, or read redacted versions on Kindle Vella.
  • What is Ream and why should I subscribe?
    Ream is a subscription based service where I post everything as I write it, before any editing has taken place. You can make comments and do all sorts of pre-reading there, and you can really get into what I'm doing as an author. If you like my works, please consider joining, as I write something to put up there every month. Several books are finished and you can read their pre-final version even before they're released.
  • How long before the next Doctor's Training book is released?
    Kenyon and I are working diligently on some edits for the Doctor's training trilogy. Real life sometimes takes up a lot of our time. In the meantime, check out coming soon for previews of coming releases. Book Two is ready for editing so hopefully by the end of 2024.
  • When is Air and the Crown being released?
    The second book of the Legacy of the Phoenix is being written right now! As chapters are finished, they are being posted to Kindle Vella as an ARC so you can offer feedback!
  • Do you write only queer characters?
    In most my stories, my primary characters are queer of some type or another, either gender or sexuality. I do have some cis-het characters, like in Dark and the Sword, but even then, it's really debatable if you can call them cis-het since they're god-like beings.
  • Do you ever write straight characters?
    Actually, there are several in some of my books. Dark and the Sword for example features a straight couple in it. It really depends on what book you're reading. I write about relationships and lean toward queer ones but that doesn't mean they're the only thing represented in my stories.
  • Do all your stories feature graphic sex, or just some of them?
    Most of my works are going to be sexually explicit and are recommended for ages 18 and over. Some contain taboo or sensitive topics, and a lot contain triggers. Please read the introduction of a given book to know what you're in for when you read it.
  • How did you get started writing?
    I started writing when I was about eleven years old, and my grandmother was sick in the hospital. I remember clearly getting those first notebooks that I started scribbling out the premise for some stories. It was there I started what would become Escaping Fate, Embracing Destiny. Though over the years, that concept has changed plenty.
  • What writers are your inspiration?
    I always loved Stephen King. I started reading his books at twelve when I found them at a garage sale. He's always been a great inspiration to me. Other than him, Anne McCaffrey, AA Attanasio, and Roger Zalazney were great influences on me. My love of Dungeons and Dragons influences my writing a great deal, and that is where I learned to do a lot of character creation and backstory detailing.
  • Is there anything you DON'T write about?
    I have a few things I don't write, and you'll not see in my works. I don't do anything with feces, vomit, or spit. Those kinks I won't touch. I'll do some limited play with urine, but not very much. I'm much more interested in other kinds of kinks.
  • So, you call yourself queer, what's that really mean?
    Well, I like the word queer because it encompasses all my identities. I can easily say queer and most people will know what I'm talking about. Because my gender and my sexuality are both queer, it's just easier than explaining it is more words. I know it was used as a slur, but honestly, it is one of my favorite terms to use for myself. A lot can be said for reclaiming a word like queer.
  • Why do you write Fanfiction?
    Fanfiction is my release from stress. I love to write about the worlds I know, and it is a fantastic opportunity to practice characterization of someone else's characters. I practice a lot of the scenes I have in mind for my original works in my fanfiction, and it is a way to play out things that I want to write. It's my no stress writing since it does not require as much work and editing as original works.
  • Do you take Fanfiction requests?
    I often do take fanfiction requests. However, I am severely limited on time a lot, so I don't often get a chance to write them as much as I used to. If you are looking for a request, and you want fanfiction, I might consider it. I do often find plot bunnies irresistible.
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