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Urban Fantasy
Stand Alone Novels

Escaping Fate, Embracing Destiny

A Paranormal Romance


CJ Kim is a normal college student. He is doing what most college students do, figuring himself out, sometimes the hard way. He has some unusual dreams now and then, but he thinks they are just dreams. They’re certainly nothing to worry about when reality is pressing down so hard on him. Between the demands of school and family, he has enough on his mind.   

He ends up with a huge crush on a senior that is on the baseball team. Despite not being a fan of baseball, he goes to games just to see him. Of course, he’ll never notice a gay and nerdy English major like CJ. Things are good, though. He even has a good relationship with his parents and his twin sisters.  

He never expects his family’s past to come back to haunt him. It rears its head in the worst way possible and CJ finds himself the prisoner of a vengeful man. Thrust into something that goes beyond what can be considered normal, CJ realizes that there’s a fate out there trying to destroy him. He doesn’t know how, but he has to reach for a destiny that he can just barely see. 

Content Warning: Contains scenes of non-consensual sexual violence. These are not romanticized and are not for titillation. This book examines these acts of violence and the damage and healing that follows.

From Ashes

A Gay Urban Fantasy

Zayne Santiago works for the League of Experts in the Supernatural (LES) and thinks he's seen it all. After being in the military most of his young life, and now he works as an elite Detective for the LES. He handles the situations that the bookish types in the LES don’t want to touch. He’s the one that really gets dirty out there. He gets a call to a captured creature being held by a new-to-them band of Supernatural haters and brings it back to their bunker. They don't capture the people holding him, which he's concerned about, but more than that this creature presents a mystery. Then, to Zayne’s surprise, he seems to grow attached, and when they realize what they're dealing with, they're not sure where to go. 

A strange biology, and an even stranger attitude toward the human race, leaves them worried about this creature. This is the first time they’ve encountered something truly immortal. They believe he’s male at first, but it turns out it’s much more complicated than that, as he’s equipped to give birth. This creature has features of reproduction resembling a bird, is immortal, and they think they know what he is. The world has never seen the phoenix rise, and they begin to wonder if they might have found it at last.

Content Warning: Male pregnancy, intersex condition, animal features, non-consensual sexual violence.

Hitching to a Star

A Gay Urban Fantasy

Tobias doesn't think he wants trouble. He just wants an easy-going life until one day he dies, the last of the werepanthers in the world. He’s had a rough time all over the world, and he thinks he’s finally settled into the life he’ll lead until he finally dies of old age out in the middle of nowhere Missouri. But then, he picks up Hinata hitchhiking along the road, and finds himself drawn back into a fight he thought he'd left behind. He calls in help, a Nixie friend who might be able to aid him, then, on his doorstep a couple of Huntresses of Artemis show up. He thinks that’s all, then Hinata’s uncle appears out of nowhere.

Someone is after Hinata, and they have to move on to be safe. Using an interdimensional safe house, they try to get answers to exactly what Hinata is and why the Emperor of the Oni wants him so bad. Linking up with people they don’t expect, they find out that this is all a ruse to get hold of an artifact of immense power: The Ashes of Inara of Japanese folklore.

Content Warning: Male pregnancy, demons, non-consensual sexual violence.

Chasing the Silver Dragon

A Gay Urban Fantasy

Silver Dragon has become a bane to the werewolf community in the last few years. Designer heroin, one that affects were creatures where normal drugs are simply a passing fancy, has infiltrated the various packs of werewolves. One of these, a young woman named Anna Maddox, wants her brother back somehow from the brink he's standing at. She doesn’t have the courage to go looking herself, afraid of what she might find. Instead she turns to someone she isn’t sure can really help her, but they are the only people who might try. 

She reaches out to the ancient order the Children of Asclepius. An order of alchemists and healers, the Children rarely, if ever, leave their hospitals, safe houses, and other secure locations. Duncan Powell isn’t your average alchemist, as he’s been concocting potions for years that his mentors can’t even explain. Everything he does comes at a cost, for one does not use alchemy without paying a toll. Duncan hears Anna’s plea and pledges to help her rescue her brother from the streets of St Louis.

Content Warning: Drug use, sex work, non-consensual sexual violence

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