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Science Fiction
with Atlas Anderson
And J. Foster

Where Demons Fear to Tread

A Queer Scifi Fantasy

When Vilem Boyle is tasked with bringing down the vast network of demon hating groups that threaten the peace in New Sacramento, he doesn’t think he’ll have a problem. Before starting at the organization known as Eleutheria’s Children, he was an elite military officer. His next assignment is to put an end to Purgatory, a facility that specializes in torturing and murdering demons for the pleasure of humans. While demons aren’t technically “people” by the laws of the United States, people like Vilem work to bring them to that status. All he wants is an end to the inequality between the two groups.

When they finally get a break, and bust Purgatory wide open, they’re on the run from the people who are behind the evil organization. With his witch partner at his side, he is determined to protect the demons they’ve rescued, even when one of them starts getting far too close. He has to make quick decisions, and always lets his head rule them, but now he’s finding it’s at war with what he thought was a stone-cold heart.

Breaking Free.png

Breaking Free

A Queer Scifi Romance

Synopsis coming soon!

On A Distant Moon

A Queer Sci Fi Romance

Baily and Avery were born twins, but Baily knows Avery isn't really his twin. They are creatives in a world of scientists, and end up in the wrong place, at the wrong time. They are both snatched up by slavers and taken to Slaver's Moon to be trained for their lives ahead. Baily is made a pleasure slave while his brother Avery is made a Gladiator. After months of torturous training at the hands of the slavers, they are ushered onto the ship.

Taken to a moon to be sold, they are instead liberated by the leader of the community, Harley Read, a human augmented with animal DNA, one of the failed experiments left on the moons to survive or die. Baily and Avery find something unique about the people of this moon, but there are forces yet to be dealt with. Together, they've got to solve the mystery of what's happening and who is behind the slavers that plague the moons of New Jupiter.

CW: Slavery, Sexual Exploitation

Contains: Animal Traits, Cybernetics, Sexual Assault (Past)

Stand Alone

The Hellbinder Prophecy

A Queer Sci Fi Fantasy Romance

Nova Steele lost his parents in the Demon War and is awarded a demonic slave as reparations by the World Government. He does what one should not, and falls for his demonic slave, perhaps because he doesn't believe in having a slave to start with. Then, everything changes when the Hellbinding breaks. Nova ends up at the mercy of his demon, who is more than he seems.

CW: Slavery

Contains: Cybernetics, Demons

Stand Alone

Golden After

A Queer Sci Fi Romance

Earth was dying, and in a desperate attempt to save it, the United Nations sanctioned a last-ditch effort and allowed an international corporation to enact a plan. Nanites would be spread throughout the atmosphere, and they would repair the damage global warming and other human created disasters had caused. Humans locked themselves in bunkers, utilizing Cryosleep chambers to allow the world to heal while they slept. At least, that was the plan.

Over two hundred fifty years later, on a much-changed Earth, Ashe is a collector of ancient technology and artifacts. Born on Earth after his parents awoke from Cryosleep, he knows no other world. He, like so many, are mutated by the nanite influences, and his family carefully guards the secret of how it has affected him. On a discovery mission, he runs into trouble, and finds himself on board the salvage ship the Golden Siren, pulled into the middle of a world of intrigue.

CW: Slavery, Sexual Exploitation

Contains: Animal Traits, Cybernetics, Sexual Assault

Stand Alone

Alchemical Rose.png

Under the Rose

A Queer Sci Fi Fantasy Romance

When Grayson takes over the St. Albert police, he doesn't realize what kind of corruption he's dealing with. When a local boy comes in with a black eye, he takes action, going to investigate his home. What he finds horrifies him, but more than that, leads him down a path he doesn't expect.

CW: Sexual Assault, Unethical Experimentation

Contains: Cybernetics, Alchemy

Stand Alone

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