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Escaping Fate, Embracing Destiny

A Paranormal Romance

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CJ Kim is a normal college student. He is doing what most college students do, figuring himself out, sometimes the hard way. He has some strange dreams now and then, but he just thinks they are just dreams. They’re certainly nothing to worry about when reality is pressing down so hard on him. Between the demands of school and family, he has enough on his mind. 

He ends up with a huge crush on a senior that is on the baseball team. He doesn’t even like baseball, but he goes to games just to see him. Of course, he’ll never notice a gay and nerdy English major like CJ. Things are good, though. He even has a good relationship with his parents and his twin sisters.

He never expects his family’s past to come back to haunt him. It rears its head in the worst way possible and CJ finds himself the prisoner of a vengeful man. Thrust into something that goes beyond what can be considered normal, CJ finds out that there’s a fate out there trying to destroy him. He doesn’t know how, but he has to reach for a destiny that he can just barely see.

Content Warning: Contains scenes of non-consensual sexual violence. These are not romanticized and are not for titillation. This book examines these acts of violence and the damage and healing that follows.


Crimson Hunt

Behind the Red Part One

Kerry Graham surprises his father by coming out as gay and cross-dresser, and possibly non-binary. Then again, when he starts performing in drag at a local Cabaret named The Red where his cousin works as a tailor. He finds himself free and able to be himself in a world that has always treated him as an outcast. He’s among people that understand him, and he can finally relax. At least, that’s what he believes. Then, a dress arrives, seemingly an apology for a bit of bigotry from a shop clerk. No one thinks a dress can cause any harm, so he wears it under the stage lights. Things go awry, though, and Kerry wonders what could possibly be happening. A bounty hunter named Martin swoops in, convinced that he can be of aid in the situation. Along with Martin, there’s an intrepid FBI agent named Zak on the trail of a pair of sadistic serial killers who target and manipulate young, attractive feminine men like Kerry.

Kerry doesn’t believe it at first. Can he be targeted by these people? Then, things start happening, and his phone and email is full of messages with horrible images of what these people plan to do to him. He’s frightened but staunch in living his life. He is adamant that he won’t let them win, no matter what they do to him. Still, as the manipulation and gaslighting continues from afar, he starts to doubt everything he’s ever known. He starts to lose purchase on reality but finds that Martin and Zak ground him. He refuses to give in to their sadistic games, but in the end, he begins to wonder if his willpower is enough to keep these people away from him.

Content Warning: Gaslighting, Manipulation, Stalking, Kidnapping


Whispered Shadows

The winding, twisting paths of a poet's mind can lead to interesting places. Come along, and visit  this place of shadows. Here there be dragons, monsters, truth, and more to enjoy. Fantasy, Reality, and Truths come together to form one hundred and fifty poems written by Beverly L. Anderson. The beginning is a path of fantasy with mythic beasts of yore,  and darkness that creeps into the very bone. The second path is one of reality and perhaps questions of what is, and is not, within that reality. The final path is one of truths. These truths may be surprising, uncomfortable, or they may simply not be the the truth being sought after. Open these pages, and see if there is something that draws you into the whispered shadows of my very soul.


Stolen Innocence

Part One of Doctor’s Training

A Bartender seeking Bonds and Understanding.
An Artist seeking Self-identity and Purpose.
An Actor seeking Fulfillment and Connection.
A Doctor seeking Acceptance and Healing.

A Journey through the Winding Paths of
Trauma, Recovery, and Truths Laid Bare.

When desperate criminals find an easy target in the autistic neurosurgeon Kieran Sung, the young doctor is soon at the mercy of a local Irish mob boss with perverse desires. Despite suffering at his hands, rescue finds him with relative quickness. Pulled unwillingly into circumstances that bring his world crashing down around him and destroying the carefully laid routines and structure he desires, Kieran must find a new way to live. He discovers comfort in ways he never imagined, within sensations of pressure and binding. Taking the hand of a childhood friend who desires nothing else but to help him, Kieran realizes his heart aches for more in his life. Circumstances bind him to a tattoo artist named Varick Jaeger, an actor named Carmine DeAngelo, and a bartender named Devan Sullivan. With this unlikely trio, Kieran must learn how to handle the upheaval in a life he sees desperately needs change.

Stolen Innocence, part one of the Doctor’s Training Trilogy, is a story of healing that examines D/s culture, the complexities of polyamory, and how people often deal with mental and physical trauma. Follow Kieran, Devan, Varick, Carmine, and the rest of their pack; they navigate a world that rarely accepts people who do not fit in with expectations.

Content Warning: Sexual Assault/Rape, Physical Assault, Kidnapping

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