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Dark and the Sword
Legacy of the Phoenix, Book One

The world of Avern has moved on. It has been almost a thousand years since the day the entire pantheon disappeared. Since the Abandonment, the mortals have learned to live without gods and goddesses. The world became mundane with little magic, and even less hope. Tyrants have risen, and those able to wield what is left of magic are powerful. Forces surge in the darkness that threaten to topple the already fragile world. The plight of the world of Avern is not unknown, however, and those that watch from a distance have decided to intervene. The mortals are sleeping, however, unknowing that two great powers will soon be vying for control.

Then something happens that changes things. A young princess makes a bid for power by murdering her father. She then attempts to murder her sister, the crown princess of Lineria, Keiara. Despite a true strike, aided by dark powers, Keiara doesn’t die. Instead, the strike pierces the barrier between her human soul and the soul sleeping within her, the soul of the Dark Phoenix. More than a goddess, the Dark Phoenix is the legendary mother of the gods. She is a part of the Eternal Phoenix that brought life to their world eons ago, one of the primal forces of the cosmos.

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Dark and the Sword
Legacy of the Phoenix, Book Two

Even though the world of Avern has moved on, changes have been set in motion. It has been almost a thousand years since the Abandonment and disappearance of the gods and goddesses of the world, but the Eternal Phoenix has begun awakening. The first, Keiara, the Dark Phoenix, has gathered together two groups of adventurers to go release the first of the divine powers, the Keepers. The Keeper of Life, Death, Magic, and Nature each have been imprisoned by forces in the dark. The Dark Phoenix, the Mother of Gods, has come to the world of Avern to release her children. Those she has gathered split into two groups, and each set out a different direction to search for the imprisoned Keepers.

Sanna leads her group north, taking Jovan, Miira, Syera, and Elmlock with her. Together, they are on a mission to find the Crown of Life, the artifact they believe will free the Keeper of Life from captivity. To do so, though, they must first cross the frozen lands of Phomean and find someone to take them across the Pass of Solace to the home of the water-kin elves, Zeri T’ves. Of course, along the way, they will make new friends and perhaps new foes.​

Stolen Innocence
Part One of Doctor's Training

A Bartender seeking Bonds and Understanding.
An Artist seeking Self-identity and Purpose.
An Actor seeking Fulfillment and Connection.
A Doctor seeking Acceptance and Healing.

A Journey through the Winding Paths of
Trauma, Recovery and Truths Laid Bare.

When desperate criminals find an easy target in the autistic neurosurgeon Kieran Sung, the young doctor is soon at the mercy of a local Irish mob boss with a set of perverse desires. Kieran is pulled unwillingly into circumstances that bring his world crashing down around him. He discovers comfort in ways he never imagined, and takes the hand of a childhood friend that desires nothing else but to help him. Circumstances bind him to a tattoo artist named Varick Jaeger, an actor named Carmine Deangelo, and a bartender named Devan Sullivan. Together with this unlikely trio, Kieran must learn how to handle the upheaval in a life he begins to see desperately needs change.

Stolen Innocence, part one of the Doctor’s Training Trilogy, is a story of healing that examines D/s culture, the complexities of polyamory, and how people often deal with mental and physical trauma. Follow Kieran, Devan, Varick, Carmine, and the rest of their pack they navigate a world that rarely accepts people that do not fit in with expectations.

Safe Haven
Doctor's Training Book Two

Getting used to being locked up in a safe house, Devan Sullivan finds himself trying to deal with a past he’d rather forget in his attempts to help the young doctor Kieran Sung heal from his recent attack. The group is confined to the large Seath mansion, a house made specifically to protect the mob connected children of Irish Mobster Damien Seath. Things are not what they seem, and connections that were never intended are made between unlikely members of the Seath household and the people they are striving to help protect. Outside, the FBI is scrambling to avoid an all-out war between the rival mobsters Rian Callaghan and Liam O’Brien. However, is everything between the two Family Heads as simple as it appears?

Safe Haven is the second part of the Doctor’s Training Trilogy. This is a story of healing that examines D/s culture, the complexities of polyamory, and how people often deal with mental and physical trauma. Follow Kieran, Devan, Varick, Carmine, and the rest of their pack as together they navigate a world that rarely accepts people that do not fit in with the accepted ideals.

Escaping Fate, Embracing Destiny (1) small.png

Escaping Fate, Embracing Destiny

A Paranormal Romance


CJ Kim is a normal college student. He is doing what most college students do, figuring himself out, sometimes the hard way. He has some strange dreams now and then, but he just thinks they are just dreams. They’re certainly nothing to worry about when reality is pressing down so hard on him. Between the demands of school and family, he has enough on his mind. 

He ends up with a huge crush on a senior that is on the baseball team. He doesn’t even like baseball, but he goes to games just to see him. Of course, he’ll never notice a gay and nerdy English major like CJ. Things are good, though. He even has a good relationship with his parents and his twin sisters.

He never expects his family’s past to come back to haunt him. It rears its head in the worst way possible and CJ finds himself the prisoner of a vengeful man. Thrust into something that goes beyond what can be considered normal, CJ finds out that there’s a fate out there trying to destroy him. He doesn’t know how, but he has to reach for a destiny that he can just barely see.

Content Warning: Contains scenes of non-consensual sexual violence. These are not romanticized and are not for titillation. This book examines these acts of violence and the damage and healing that follows.

Dark Honey.png
Dark Honey
A Dark Gay Romance

Jesse has a crush on the quarterback for the St. Begonia Pumas, Vinny. After a party where the football player flirts with him, he is desperate to know if he's gay or not. After a practice he watches, he finds out for sure that the interest in dating is reciprocated. He ends up in an intense long-term relationship with Vinny very quickly. Things seem to be going well, and they find themselves having a good time together despite the different worlds they each come from.

Of course, he deals with hazing from the other jocks and Vinny swears it's just because they like him.  Jesse takes it in stride and tries to ignore them because of his feelings for Vinny. He thinks he’s falling for the jock, and if he loves him, he has to take his friends with him.


Then, something happens that Jesse must hide from Vinny, something that could tear them apart for good.

Note: Complete version is only available through Fictionate or this website due to Amazon's content restrictions. Part One (Chapter 1-8) Epub is available through the website.

Short Stories


The Corporal and his Contessa

A Chains of Fate Story

At Her feet, he finds peace.

Charles received a medical discharge after an explosion that left him unable to perform his duties. Once home, he finds dealing with the PTSD more than he can handle, and with his friends' help, he finds his way into the St. Louis D/s scene. He needs a deep connection to his Domme, and ends up falling for a woman outside the Lifestyle. He makes the choice to ask her to help him, and he finds her willing to try.

A story about two background characters in the Doctor's Training trilogy, the Corporal and his Contessa brings the reader into the BDSM world alongside a man seeking peace.


His Fantasy Made Real

A Chains of Fate Story

Elliot lives a normal life for a college student in St. Louis, MO. At least, he thinks he does. Then, he realizes that he has a peculiar need, and has no idea how to get it fulfilled. After viewing videos of men being forced by other men, he decides to go online and see what he can find. He finds an online forum and tells everything he wants. He moves on, forgetting about it until a fateful night he goes on a date with a new girl. His night doesn't end up the way he planned at all, it ends up much better when she takes him home. It turns out, she's not the one with plans for him that night.

A story about a few background characters from the Doctor's Training Trilogy, His Fantasy Made Real shows a small peek into kinky consensual non consent role play. 


Double Vision

A Chains of Fate Story

Rose works as a barista by day at a local coffee shop in St. Louis. She's personable and easy to talk to, if a little soft spoken.

Peter works as a martial arts instructor at a local dojang. He's energetic and outgoing with a booming voice.

Jude and Logan come along and find themselves drawn to both of them in a strong way. Jude convinces Logan it's time to look for the sub they've been talking about, and the pair end up asking both of them out. 

What Jude and Logan don't know about Peter and Rose could spell disaster...or it could just be the best thing any of them has ever had happen.

A story about a few background characters from the Doctor's Training Trilogy, Double Vision introduces you to Rose and Peter. 

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