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Kingdom of Earth and Sky

A Queer Romantic Fantasy

The kingdom of Braken is looking to shore up holes in their defense by taking smaller kingdoms as vassal states so they can protect them as well as themselves. Some lands they take by military might, other lands they take as peacefully as they can. Given the preference, the massive kingdom would rather have a peaceful negotiation than a war. In doing so, they approach the land of Skyland. The Skylanders agree, at least, they will agree if the Prince of Braken, Enki, takes the Vestal Prince of Skyland as a bride. Surprised, Enki tries to tell them he must have an heir, but he's informed the prince is half-Aeriel, a race of beings that occupy an astral rift over Skyland. With the treaty formed and made, he takes his new bride home, but the mechanizations of war continue outside the kingdom, and the God King from across the sea threatens more than just the kingdom; he threatens Prince Enki’s bride. 

CW: Non Consensual Sexual Acts

Contains: War, Kidnapping

Stand Alone

His Crown Prince

A Queer Romantic Fantasy

In the small kingdom of Slaxaria, Prince Wren was locked in a tower for years. He doesn't know why and concentrates on his books instead. He’s always been told that his confinement to the tower is for his safety, but he never has been told exactly why. His world is turned upside down when his kingdom is taken over by a neighboring conqueror. His father and three sisters are moved to the tower, and he is taken as a pleasure slave. His captor strips him of all he’s ever been, and he finds that his father kept the reason for confinement a secret. When it is revealed, Wren is at a loss for what to do, as everything in his world has been completely changed with this revelation. Of course, this greatly amusing his captor. Forces move, though, to reclaim the kingdom from the conquerors, but as the outside world moves along, Wren finds himself falling into a strange relationship with this conqueror, and he comes to realize that maybe there’s more to the world than what he’s read in his dusty books. 

CW: Non Consensual Sexual Acts, Exhibitionism

Contains: War, Slavery

Stand Alone

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