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Whispered Shadows

The winding, twisting paths of a poet's mind can lead to interesting places. Come along, and visit  this place of shadows. Here there be dragons, monsters, truth, and more to enjoy. Fantasy, Reality, and Truths come together to form one hundred and fifty poems written by Beverly L. Anderson. The beginning is a path of fantasy with mythic beasts of yore,  and darkness that creeps into the very bone. The second path is one of reality and perhaps questions of what is, and is not, within that reality. The final path is one of truths. These truths may be surprising, uncomfortable, or they may simply not be the the truth being sought after. Open these pages, and see if there is something that draws you into the whispered shadows of my very soul.

Reflections ebook.jpeg

Reflections of the Shadowdancer

In an abandoned dance studio, there's music and dancing unheard and unseen by anyone. The whispers in the shadows laud praises upon the figure that spins around the room. Nothing moves, and yet everything moves around the room. Darkness and light intertwine and dance to cast the shadows of the world. A dance that goes beyond the borders between the worlds is performed within flickering shadows.

The Shadowdancer knows the truth. WIthout the darkness, there can be no light. Between them lies the shadow in which the Shadowdancer twirls. 

Enter the world of the Shadowdancer, and find yourself immersed in 150 poems living in the light, the dark, and the shadow.

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