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L. M. Stephens

L M Stephens was born into a family of artists, and never really was good in any areas like drawing or whatnot. Then in elementary school, they had those activities using the spelling words in a sentence, then a paragraph, and then a short story. Well, they had to read their story in front of the class, and everybody liked their story, and it made them feel good. They had found their artistic talent and ran with it.


Originally, L M Stephens thought their writing talent came from their grandmother on their father's side who did journalism in high school. Their mother, who is in her seventies now, has opened up more about her childhood. They learned that she used to write stories and poetry in high school just like they did. So, that's where L M Stephens got their writing talent from.


Also, L M Stephens was a really shy child. Being the baby, no one took time to listen to what they had to say, and that went with people outside of the family as well. They have also been through a lot of stuff in their childhood (and adulthood) and writing became an outlet where they could express themselves and put all those feelings that they had inside on paper.

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