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Contemporary Romance

Order From Chaos - With J. Foster

A Queer Romantic Drama

Jayden Wilcox has struggled with depression since he was a child. His father left early on, and his stepfather was abusive. At ten, his biological father’s parents adopted him. He lives comfortably on their property, spending his days caring for his plants and dreaming of becoming a botanist one day. Life would seem ideal to anyone looking in from the outside.  

One morning, his depression becomes too much for him, and he decides to seek out help. Leaving his grandparents, he goes and checks himself into a psychiatric ward to get the help he needs. He makes new friends, Freddie and Zak, each with their own issues. Quickly, the three become friends, and then things start developing in ways Jayden doesn’t understand at first.  

CW: Past Trauma

Contains: Mental Health Issues, Depression, Suicidal Thoughts 

Stand Alone

Anima Hollow - With J. Foster

A Queer Romantic Drama

Rory is suffering in his stepfather's abusive house, and he doesn't see any way out other than to keep going to school and hope he can afford to leave some day. Then, as he starts at St. Sebastian College, he meets Christopher, who even though he barely knows him, invites him to come stay with him and his roommates at their home, Anima Hollow. Rory doesn't know what to do, but he knows something has to change. He takes Christopher’s hand and finds himself in a world he never knew existed.

Everything doesn’t go according to plan, though, and his stepfather’s legacy rears its ugly head, leading to Rory suffering at the hands of people he has nothing to do with. He has one thought, and that’s to get back to the people that he cares about more than anything, a family unlike the one he grew up in, and love that he never received.

CW: Past Abuse, Drug Misuse, Non Consensual Bondage

Contains: Self-harm

Stand Alone

Chained Butterfly - With J. Foster

A Queer Romantic Drama

Skye is a willing sub to his Master, and though it is at times hard to please his Master, he still enjoys his position. He doesn’t mind the lack of aftercare, or the fact his Master is often angry and rough with him. One night, his Master declares that he is done with him, and Skye is thrown out after being with him for four years, leaving him alone and unsure of what to do next. When the domineering Dominic asks him out the very next day at work, he's shocked, but pleased, and shortly after they start dating. But Skye has needs that need to be filled, and he's got to wonder if Dominic has what it takes. A nervous question leads to a trip to Club Passion, a local dungeon, where Dominic is introduced to a whole new world. Things for Skye never work as planned, and his old Master has a problem with someone taking what was once his, making life even more difficult for Skye and Dominic. 

CW: Past Abuse

Contains: BDSM

Stand Alone

Sweet Obedience.png

Sweet Obedience

A Queer BDSM Romance

Cerise is a resident at a local hospital, and he ends up seeing something he should not. Because of witnessing a murder, he has an Italian Mafia family on his trail. He’s nearly grabbed in the underground parking garage at the hospital, but he manages to make an escape, albeit not unscathed. Hiding in an office, he’s found by someone he doesn’t know at first. He soon realizes it is the patron of the school and hospital he works at, Mr. McMahon. McMahon takes him in when Cerise explains that he’s in trouble and can’t go to the emergency room over his injuries. There are four other men, and they all seem to be personal guards for McMahon. Once in his home, he’s patched up by McMahon’s personal doctor, but then the CEO makes an interesting proposition to Cerise. His submission in exchange for his and his family's protection. 

CW: Non Consensual Sexual Violence

Contains: BDSM

Stand Alone

Getting His Wings

A Queer Romance

Phoenix was orphaned at six years old, and ever since he's been beside his foster brother, Gibson. Phoenix, though, doesn't speak, and never has, which has caused no end of problems over his life. For as long as he can remember, he’s been labeled as mentally challenged and a problem child because he doesn’t speak. The only people to ever help him has been Gibson’s family, but that is shattered when Gibson’s mother dies, and his father remarries a cruel woman named Alice. When Gibson’s father falls ill, Alice takes custody out of pure spite at the loss of her income. 

Turning eighteen, his foster mother gains guardianship, binding him in this abusive situation. Gibson decides that he must do something to help him, but he’s unsure of what he can possibly do. In the meantime, he opts to take him to learn some self-defense, and when there, Phoenix meets someone surprising, the owner of the dojo.  

CW: Abuse, Memories of Child Abuse

Contains: TBD

Stand Alone

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