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A Rose in the Dark
Parker Mccreary

Living with an abusive girlfriend that he thinks he loves, Parker doesn't think his life will change much. Then, he decides to propose, and find her more than a little angered at the concept. Injured, he wanders out to get away from her ire where he bumps into someone that might just change his life.

Quinn Bartlett

Quinn is a rich kid, through and through. He has never wanted for anything, and he, even as an adult, is able to do whatever he likes with his life because of his godfather's staunch support. When he encounters someone that needs someone, he realizes that wealth and notoriety aren't everything.

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An Open Book
Rowan Butler

Starting school is a big deal for Rowan, and he doesn't know what to expect. He's got a lot still going on at home, and he doesn't know if he can cope with taking care of his foster siblings and handling school, but it's the only way he can lift them out of the current situation.

Christian Roberson

Christian begins teaching after leaving a moderately successful counseling business in St. Louis. He moves to the smaller St. Charles to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, but teaching psychology leads him to meet a student who needs help. He soon finds himself falling for someone he most definitely shouldn't, but what can he do when the inevitable happens?

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A Gentle Touch
Angel Lopez

Angel comes to the United States to go to school. Originally from Mexico, he thinks his cousin who is providing a place to stay and help with school is doing something good for him. He finds out, though, that his cousin has something entirely else in mind.

Lucero Santo

Lucero falls for a student he doesn't know anything about other than he speaks Spanish. He doesn't know what to do, being quiet and shy. He can't approach him, and he doesn't know what to do. Then, when they're thrown into the same group in class, he realizes there's something not quite right.

Eric Nobel 

Eric has watched his friend Lucero stumble to find a boyfriend for several years, and he's determined to wingman for him. However, what happens when he himself has feelings for another man even though he's straight? 

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