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Characters | Chasing the Light

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Jamie Simmons

A young college freshman struggling to make ends meet and take care of his two teenage sisters, Jamie doesn't think much about love and romance. When he's faced with the fact someone is showing interest in him, he thinks it is just a transaction. He gets something, and so does he. Then feelings start getting in the way.

Chase Matherson

Chase has never wanted for anything, and when he asks someone out, they agree because of who he is. When he asks Jamie, and Jamie turns him down, he's set aback, and figures out he just has to do something to manipulate the freshman into going out with him. He thinks it is definitely just the sex that he's after, and then he starts to care and it is something completely knew to the previously well-known player.

Cadence Walker

Cadence is under the thumb of his father, both physically and emotionally. Caught in an abusive situation, he stays to protected his sister from his father's possible wrath. More than that, he's nearly mute after the trauma of watching his mother die and having the blame placed squarely on his childhood shoulders. When his father goes too far, though, people take notice, and Cadence may have to learn to live.

Damian Wolfe

Damian is well-known, popular, and supported strongly by an extended family including his grandmother who lives with him. She's his biggest supporter, and when he begins being confused by his feelings, she's the one to set him straight. He sees what's happening to Cadence, and he can't stand on the sidelines anymore.  He has to do something.

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