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On the Training of Doctors is dedicated to everyone in the world that defies conventions. It is dedicated to those that take the chance to be themselves in a world that demands compliance to norms. We dedicate this book to everyone in the queer, BDSM lifestyler/kinkster, geek/nerd, neurodivergent, pagan, autistic, writing, transgender communities, and any other community that dares to defy the “norms”. There is nothing that takes more courage than to stand up and be yourself when those around us demand that we conform.

We refuse to conform. We refuse to comply. We are beautiful and unique. We are never going to go away, and we are going to change the world.


Stolen Innocence is the first book in the upcoming series of books called Chains of Fate. These books are all about the St. Louis BDSM community, and the links between characters within in. The Doctor's Training Trilogy (collected in the omnibus On the Training of Doctors) is the first visit to the phenomenal world created by Beverly L. Anderson and Kenyon Y. Hunt! The world will further be expanded with the Kink in the City Trilogy, the Santa Cruz Trilogy, and the Dawnstar Trilogy, for a total of twelve books set in this universe. 

The Doctor's Training Trilogy Begins it all!


A Journey through the Winding Paths of Trauma, Recovery and Truths Laid Bare. 

In the Midwestern city of St. Louis, Missouri, a diverse population of people allows for a mixing of many cultures and ideas. The city draws in many people worldwide because of many of the opportunities it offers to individuals and companies. Situated on the Mississippi River, shipping and gambling have always been a part of the culture here. Inside this area, many subcultures exist. Some of these subcultures are known by everyone, but some of them are less known to the outside observer. 

A Bartender seeking Bonds and Understanding. 

In the world of business, crime, and poverty, a young bigender kinkster finds himself wrapped up in a dangerous life with warring Irish Crime Families. Escaping things he’d rather forget, Devan Sullivan wants only to find someone to care about, and that can care about him as he is. Devan finds a home within the confines of the local dungeon Strawberry’s Black. A child of kinksters, Devan knew he would end up in this Lifestyle, though not in the way things happened. Devan spends his time most times split between two modes of existing. He becomes his male self as a submissive, but when Dominant, she becomes her female self. Devan has trouble accepting himself in his “real world” version outside the dungeon, where he is a blend of both male and female. He ends up being pulled into the most dangerous part of the life he lives, that of surviving an all-out war between the two crime families and trying to keep those he’s come to care about safe. 

An Artist seeking Self-identity and Purpose.  

Varick Jaeger has spent most of his life doing for others instead of himself. He’s always had problems defining himself, and over the years has just come to believe that he cannot define his self-identity. He spends most of his life feeling out of place and defining himself by what he can do for others. He gives up a successful career in writing when he leaves school and uses his entire college fund to get himself to Santa Cruz, California to help his father. Once there, he found his father gone again. Alone and without any family, he ends up forging a family of his own. When things turn bad, Varick seeks out help from a friend he’s made through their mutual love of old motorcycles. When the private investigator helps Varick put his own friends away, he then helps him return home to his sister. A practiced tattoo artist now, he takes up a job at a small tattoo and piercing place in St. Charles, Missouri. He finds the way people judge him based on his appearance amusing most of the time, however, there are times he just wants people to see him for who he really is. More than anything, Varick feels lost and alone in the world. His purpose in life has been lost, and he has become tired of trying to understand why.

An Actor seeking Fulfillment and Connection. 

Carmine Deangelo grew up taking care of his mother and dealing with the fact he would never fit into the world. His world exists in shades of gray, never easy and never black and white. He never knew his father, and he’s never had a problem with that fact. He’s a relatively successful actor, but he finds that racism and prejudice at every turn. Carmine’s struggle with bipolar disorder since his teenage years has made finding himself difficult. He desperately wants connection to others, but he can’t seem to find someone that makes him feel like he matters to them. A string of lovers, both male and female, follow the young actor. Luckily, the truth behind his failed relationships, partners unable to handle his disorder, has never surfaced. It pains him to think he may never have a fulfilling relationship because of this reputation. He feels that if his disorder came to be common knowledge, he’d never be able to act again. His best friend Charles knows that Carmine needs something more in his life, and gets him involved in the local D/s scene. He enjoys it, but never seems to be fulfilled no matter how many people he plays or scenes with. Finally, he encounters someone who intrigues him in every way, and someone that he thinks might just be able to handle him at his worst. 

A Doctor seeking Acceptance and Healing.

Dr. Kieran Sung grew up as an only child. Born severely premature, Kieran has always been under the careful watch of his parents. He spends most of his time trying to fake “normalcy” for his father and doctor. Kieran has an incredible mind for medicine and surgery, a fact he attributes to his autistic nature. He has always assumed that he would never be capable of being himself since he has to be what everyone thinks he should be. He depends on his father and mother wholly, and only connects with a few people in his life. When his mother dies not long after he turns fourteen, Kieran finds out he has family he never knew. Strangely, though, his father insists that he have no contact with this side of his family. After a particularly stressful period of anxiety inducing encounters, Kieran finds it harder and harder to hide his self-stimulating behaviors. His social awkwardness and blunt nature lead to some unpleasant encounters with patients and families. This makes him an easy target for a pair of men looking to get enough money to buy themselves out of trouble with one of the Irish Crime Families. Ransoming the young doctor isn’t enough, though, believing that using him to appeal to the disturbing nature of Rian Callaghan will make them more likely to be allowed to leave. 


When the world comes crashing down on all of them, they find themselves drawn into a web of intrigue, hatred, and lies. There’s more to things than seems to be around them, even as they hide away in a “civilian” safe house. Devan finds himself spiraling, his own past rapidly coming to the surface. Interconnections and seemingly “random” meetings turn out to not be so random. All the time, the doctor begins to lose the last shreds of control. They have no choice but to step and offer him a solution to benefit them all. 

Follow these journeys of self-identity, self-acceptance, recovery from trauma, and finding comfort in bondage. 

The prequel to the upcoming Dawnstar Trilogy, On the Training of Doctors is an introduction into the world of BDSM for the characters as well as the readers. The Dawnstar Trilogy will follow Devan Sullivan as he is dragged deeper than ever into the underworld of St. Louis. These books feature many erotic scenes, and portray the Lifestyle that many kinksters and Lifestylers live out every day.  

Chapter 1

Free Short Stories!


The Corporal and His Contessa

A Chains of Fate Story

At Her feet, he finds peace.

Charles received a medical discharge after an explosion that left him unable to perform his duties. Once home, he finds dealing with the PTSD more than he can handle, and with his friends' help, he finds his way into the St. Louis D/s scene. He needs a deep connection to his Domme, and ends up falling for a woman outside the Lifestyle. He makes the choice to ask her to help him, and he finds her willing to try.

A story about two background characters in the Doctor's Training trilogy, the Corporal and his Contessa brings the reader into the BDSM world alongside a man seeking peace.


Double Vision

A Chains of Fate Story

Rose works as a barista by day at a local coffee shop in St. Louis. She's personable and easy to talk to, if a little soft spoken.

Peter works as a martial arts instructor at a local dojang. He's energetic and outgoing with a booming voice.

Jude and Logan come along and find themselves drawn to both of them in a strong way. Jude convinces Logan it's time to look for the sub they've been talking about, and the pair end up asking both of them out. 

What Jude and Logan don't know about Peter and Rose could spell disaster...or it could just be the best thing any of them has ever had happen.

A story about a few background characters from the Doctor's Training Trilogy, Double Vision introduces you to Rose and Peter. 


The Trickster

Devan's Story

A Chains of Fate Story

A story of an orphan with several disabilities who is taken in by a loving couple. Discovering his parents in a kinky scene by accident one night, he has a need to enter the world of BDSM. He's too young, though, and his parents refuse to entertain his wishes until he turns eighteen. However, he's persistent, and not everyone is deterred by his young age. He meets Cryst, a Dom with questionable morals, and is dragged into a world he doesn't understand.

Devan's Story.

Coming Soon

His Fantasy Made Real

A Chains of Fate Story

Elliot lives a normal life for a college student in St. Louis, MO. At least, he thinks he does. Then, he realizes that he has a peculiar need, and has no idea how to get it fulfilled. After viewing videos of men being forced by other men, he decides to go online and see what he can find. He finds an online forum and tells everything he wants. He moves on, forgetting about it until a fateful night he goes on a date with a new girl. His night doesn't end up the way he planned at all, it ends up much better when she takes him home. It turns out, she's not the one with plans for him that night.

A story about a few background characters from the Doctor's Training Trilogy, His Fantasy Made Real shows a small peek into kinky consensual non consent role play. 

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