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Kerry Graham surprises his father by coming out as gay and cross-dresser, and possibly non-binary. Then again, when he starts performing in drag at a local Cabaret named The Red where his cousin works as a tailor. He finds himself free and able to be himself in a world that has always treated him as an outcast. He’s among people that understand him, and he can finally relax. At least, that’s what he believes. Then, a dress arrives, seemingly an apology for a bit of bigotry from a shop clerk. No one thinks a dress can cause any harm, so he wears it under the stage lights. Things go awry, though, and Kerry wonders what could possibly be happening. A bounty hunter named Martin swoops in, convinced that he can be of aid in the situation. Along with Martin, there’s an intrepid FBI agent named Zak on the trail of a pair of sadistic serial killers who target and manipulate young, attractive feminine men like Kerry.

Kerry doesn’t believe it at first. Can he be targeted by these people? Then, things start happening, and his phone and email is full of messages with horrible images of what these people plan to do to him. He’s frightened but staunch in living his life. He is adamant that he won’t let them win, no matter what they do to him. Still, as the manipulation and gaslighting continues from afar, he starts to doubt everything he’s ever known. He starts to lose purchase on reality but finds that Martin and Zak ground him. He refuses to give in to their sadistic games, but in the end, he begins to wonder if his willpower is enough to keep these people away from him.

Content Warning: Gaslighting, Manipulation, Stalking, Kidnapping

Crimson Hunt: Behind the Red Part One

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