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Legacy of the Phoenix

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The world of Avern is in turmoil. Ever since the gods abandoned the world, things have been chaotic. Humans have come to rely on magic that is somewhat less powerful than the days before when the gods and goddesses were there to support them. Born into this world is the essence of the primordial Phoenix, the powerful creature that brought life to the world of Avern and created the gods so long ago. This essence is split into six pieces, carried by six mortals. The first to awaken to their power is the Dark Phoenix, the mother of the gods.

Follow the adventures of mortals and gods as they go across the world of Avern in an effort to bring back the lost gods. While on this mission, though, they have someone who is trying to stop them, someone in the dark that they cannot see. With Seers, Oracles, Wizards, and Vampires, the heroes set out to try and put an end to this ongoing chaos and bring back balance to the world. 

Legacy of the Phoenix

Book One: Dark and the Sword (Available Now FREE)

Book Two: Air and the Crown (Available on Vella)

Book Three: Water and the Cloak (Coming Soon!)

Book Four: Earth and the Staff

Book Five: Fire and the Ring

Book Six: Light and the Litany

Book Seven: Shadow and the Phoenix

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