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There are four hundred days to one Avernese year. The calendar is broken up in to sixteen months which consist of twenty-five days per month. There are four six-day weeks per month, with the last day coinciding with the new moon, the first day with the full moon. Avern has one moon and one sun.


The days of the week are Lumasday, Ruanaday, Marisday, Ravasday, Whispasday, and Shadasday. The extra day at the end of the month is Nereday. Each month is named after one of the major and minor gods and goddesses, though these names are rarely used except by Elves and Truthspeakers.


The names of the four holidays, those of the equinoxes and the solstices, come from the names of the Keepers. These are generally known, however, the origin of the names has been lost to most. Each day of the week, which is still often used, is named after one of the pieces of the Phoenix, though that is not remembered by any; even the elves do not remember the ancient names of the predecessors of the gods.


The zodiac is commonly used, though the stories behind the constellations are generally ignored or forgotten. Each month is associated with one of the gods (where their names come from), and each of the zodiac is associated with that god.

Every few years the calendar must be adjusted slightly to account for changes in the celestial bodies, but no more than a day or so every couple hundred years. The beginning of the year is celebrated on the first day of fall, coinciding with the beginning of the harvest times.

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