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Dawnstar Trilogy

The Dawnstar Trilogy, like most of the others, sees different groups of people dealing with their own individual traumas and stresses. In addition, though, in the background, the machinations of those in the underworld of St. Louis start to come to the surface. Plans set in place decades ago start to come together, and it's up to our intrepid characters to put a stop to what could very well topple all that's good in the city.

A Rose in the Dark

Parker McCreary wants nothing more than to propose to his longtime girlfriend Tatiana. They’ve been together since childhood, and she’s always been there to tell him what to do and when to do it. All that’s left is to propose to her with the ring he’s studiously saved for over the last few weeks. When he does, though, things don't go as he planned. She becomes incensed, and she takes out her anger on him, as she usually does. He leaves, wandering outside in the streets of downtown St. Louis.

Quinn Bartlett is just hanging out at a local street vendor when this guy runs into him, bleeding and confused. He takes him to a doctor he knows well and gets him taken care of. Through a rare set of circumstances, he takes him home to keep an eye on him. He finds himself, though, pulled along in an odd set of circumstances, and a tale of intrigue begins that leaves him wondering what he's ever done with his life.

Content Warning: Intimate Partner Violence, Non-Consensual Sexual Violence, Drug Use, Human Trafficking

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An Open Book

Christian Roberson moves to St. Louis to start a new job as a psychology professor while he works on his doctorate with his mentor. He leaves behind a counseling practice in Columbia, his own mental health waning and making things difficult for him. He gets a job at a local university teaching psychology and related classes and prepares himself for a very different life from that of being a professional psychologist. During his first class, though, a younger man catches his eye, and intrigues him, and not in a good way. Something is wrong, and he knows that something must be done. He knows he shouldn't interfere with a student's life, but his heart won't listen to his brain’s recitation of a code of ethics. Rowan Butler needs help, and he knows it, ethics be damned. 

He investigates and knows there's more to the situation than meets the eye. Everything appears to be in order, but is it really? He doesn’t think so, and he takes steps necessary to find out what is going on in Rowan’s life to make him show the obvious symptoms of trauma he exhibits. Even as prepared for anything as he thinks he is, he's not prepared in the least for what happens next. He is embroiled in more than he imagines, and while he’s at it, finds himself falling steadily for someone he definitely should not even think of falling for.

Content Warning: Non-Consensual Sexual Violence, Physical Abuse, Child Abuse (past), Age Gap

Coming Soon From Beverly L. Anderson
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A Gentle Touch

Lucero Santo has a crush on the quiet exchange student from Mexico. Half Mexican himself, he has always been interested in his origins, but more than that, he's looking for the right person. He’s seeking a person who needs him as much as he needs to be needed. It’s more than sex for him, and unlike his friend, he can’t just take a one-night stand and be happy. He has to dedicate his heart. His friend Eric Noble is a determined wingman, and when the object of his interest, Angel Lopez, ends up in their chemistry class, he's at the same time excited and nervous. 

However, something's wrong now with the quiet student, and it's more than just being in a new country. Angel has bruises and is more closed off than before. Lucero is insistent, though, and keeps pressing until he's fully immersed in what's going on, and it goes far beyond just Angel. When the FBI gets involved, he realizes exactly what he and Eric have got themselves into is far bigger than they expected. There’s a complete organization at work, and bringing it entirely down is the mission now.

Content Warning: Non-Consensual Sexual Violence, Non-Consensual Sexual Slavery, Bad D/s Etiquette

Coming Soon From Beverly L. Anderson
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