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Original Locations

For our tale, we've created some very unique places that fit in well in the Eastern Missouri area. Have a look and see what we have come up with. St. Louis is an incredibly diverse and busy city and has everything imaginable within driving distance from several outlying areas. Would you want to check out any of these places? We certainly hope so.

Of course, along with original locations, there are several real locations that are featured in the novel, such as the St. Louis Arch, Historic Main Street in St. Charles, MO, and more. Our hope is to show you a city that is very real and believable and places you feel as though you could step right into through the pages in our work.


Strawberry’s Black is a Goth and Fetish club which includes a Dungeon for public and private play.  SB is the only Dungeon in the St. Louis area that allows full contact and public scenes involving sex.  The club has four levels. The club is constructed in an old brewery building.

The Ground level is the Dance club.  Here there is little to no scene play unless it is discreet.  Most the patrons in the ground level are there for the club music, drinking and mingling.  In the back of the dance floor, however, there are three rooms with fogged glass where the occupants can see out, but those on the outside can’t see in unless they are pressed right up against the glass, and even then the view inside is hazy and only shapes moving in the darkness can be scene.  This level has a stage where the DJ and house band perform, a large dance floor, several tables, a full bar, and a set of public restrooms.

The Second level, or Mingle Floor, is a section that overlooks the dance floor and is somewhat a meeting area and lounge for those who come to the club to consider visiting the lower levels or to simply mingle.  This is often the “show off” area of the club, where, while there is no active play, there are plenty of Doms/Dommes and their subs who come to relax in this area.  There is a small bar, two fireplaces, and plenty of couches and places to relax and watch the dance scene below.  The area is kept relatively quiet, though moderate discussion among patrons in encouraged.  The area is enclosed with sound proof glass, allowing the occupants to see out but they are not disturbed by the sound from the club below.  This area also allows people to see in.  There is a bouncer at the entrance to the stairs at all times.

The first basement level is a Play Area.  Similar to the upstairs section, it is a relaxed atmosphere but allows for play, both of the public and private variety.  There are three suites in the back which are free to use unless there is a posted booking.  The play area has a small stage for special public scenes to be played out.

The second basement level is the semi-public dungeon.  Only members gain access to this, the lowest level of the club.  Here, the club’s namesake, Strawberry has her professional set up.  Strawberry is a professional Domme and helps with training of younger subs and occasional Dom/mes new to the area.  Strawberry’s name comes from the head of vibrant strawberry red hair she has, as well as a fetish for food play, especially sweet fruits.  The name of the club comes from her preference for black in all things.

The club is owned and operated by Danica’s sister, Marissa Patrick.  Marissa is not a member of the scene, but she and her sister decided to go into business together.  They have found the marriage of their two loves, Marissa of the Goth scene, and Danica of the BDSM scene, has been profitable and a dream come true for both of them.

Japanese Teahouse.png

Located in the suburban area of St. Charles, the Japanese Teahouse is a tattoo and piercing parlor.  All members of the staff are vetted and most of them are medically trained in some fashion.  The place is built along the Main Street area in an old shop building that has two levels.  The first level is the tattoo parlor.  A set of stairs in the back lead up to the more private piercing parlor.  They also do intimate tattooing in the upstairs area if a customer requests it.

The place is decorated to look like the interior an old-style Japanese Teahouse brothel with red and black curtains and lanterns. 

Second Floor – Included on the second floor are a chair as well as a reclined table for piercing purposes.  Either can be used for intimate tattooing, however, only one tattoo artist does intimate tattoos and must be scheduled.  Everyone that performs piercing has some sort of medical training.  Intimate piercings are done on a scheduled basis.


First Floor – The tattoo portion of the place features two seats and one reclining table for tattooing purposes.  A wide variety of tattoos are done, including white, black light, black and white, and full color.  All artists take time with each client to ensure they are getting what they want.

Original Locations

Arch City Leather Works.png
  • Arch City Leather Works

    • St. Louis, MO

    • Leather goods store located in St. Louis. They carry a large array of high quality leather items for sale.​

Betsy's Kitchen.png
  • Betsy’s Kitchen                  

    • Cottleville, MO.

    • A Family Restaurant that is somewhat off the beaten path. It is owned by Betsy Daniels and her husband Carl. Their daughter helps by waiting tables and washing dishes while attending UMSL. Their younger children also help out around the place, and can often be found playing in the back near the “back” kitchen. Located just off 94 near Jungerman. 

Brewer's Yeast.png
  • Brewer’s Yeast

    • St. Charles, MO. Main Street.

    • Microbrewery. They have a large outdoor patio and occasionally have spoken word and local bands play on the small stage inside. Brewer’s Yeast is located on the corner of their block, offering the chance to have an outdoor patio that curves around it. Lotus With Coffee and Tea is on their left. 

  • Cat’s Meow              

    • St. Louis, MO.

    • Near UMSL. Library/Cat Library. The Library is run by a group of business students from UMSL and their books are all from other Library Sales throughout St. Louis and St. Charles/St. Peters. Donations for books are taken regularly, and most of those that work there are volunteers. There are often cat food and cat litter drives for the Library. 

  • Channings     

    • Chesterfield, MO.

    • Autism specialty school and treatment center. The school specializes in Applied Behavioral Analyst techniques and has recently come under fire by autism self-advocacy groups. Dr. Thomas McKellar is on the board of directors and has championed the school as being a pioneer in the treatment of “mild to severe” autism. They frequently use Kieran Sung as an example of how effective their school is.​

  • Dawnstar Industries

    • International, Based out of New York, New York.

    • A newer addition to the St. Louis area, Dawnstar Industries is an international corporation that has a lot of industries under its belt.

  • Down and Out          

    • St. Charles, MO.

    • A Local dive Bar. Generally, a good place to sit down for a drink, but lately there have been a lot of questionable individuals frequenting it. Rumors have been going around that the owner has acquired a gambling debt to someone very dangerous.​

  • Eddie’s Burgers and Shakes

    • St. Louis, MO

    • A great small diner that serves burgers, fries, shakes, and ice cream sundaes.

  • Flight of Fantasy                 

    • St. Charles, MO. Main Street.

    • Gaming Store/Comic Store located not far from the Japanese Teahouse. The store is open at odd hours and sometimes hosts all night gaming parties for various systems. The owner runs a YouTube channel that features many of the games played in the shop.​

  • Frankie’s

    • St. Louis, MO

    • Strip club owned by Jesse and Frankie Chavez. They feature all kinds of shows, different each day of the week. They have Masculine Monday (male dancers), Teaser Tuesday (full clothed dancers), Wayback Wednesdays (vintage or classic dress), Theme Thursday (weekly themes advertised), Femboy Fridays, and Sultry Saturdays (female dancers). They are closed on Sunday.

  • Heartthrob              

    • St. Louis, MO.

    • Gay Bar that often features Drag shows. They have a leather night about once every two weeks, and they often offer other fetish nights. These nights aren’t regulated, and Danica (from Strawberry’s Black) has often asked that they discontinue the practice. Bar that Devan meets Cryst in as teenager. 

  • The Japanese Teahouse

    • St. Charles, MO. Main Street.

    • A piercing and tattoo place on Historic Main Street of St. Charles, MO. Built inside a couple of the historic shops connected together, the Teahouse preserves the historic nature of the building while providing a service to the locals. Lotus with Tea and Coffee is located on their right, and another restaurant is located on their left.​

  • Liberty Shooting Sports and Outdoors

    • St. Louis, MO.

    • Guns and Ammo store with a shooting range attached to it. They often order in specialty items and have a wide range of products, including bows as well as guns. 

  • The Library Coffee House

    • St. Louis, MO

    • A small coffee house that is also a bookstore. They are open late, until midnight. They open early as well at four am. They are owned by Jesse and Frankie Chavez. They also own the strip club next door, Frankie’s.

  • Lotus With Tea and Coffee

    • St. Charles, MO. Main Street

    • Coffee and tea shop that is next door to the Japanese Teahouse. Situated in the same row of businesses in a connected block. Lotus With Tea and Coffee has the Japanese Teahouse on the left side of the shop with the Brewer’s Yeast on the right. 

  • McKellar Hospital

    • St. Louis, MO. North New Ballas Rd.

    • A Private Hospital located in St. Louis. They are known for being extremely exclusive and expensive. The hospital is set up to be a trauma and cancer treatment center. Most of the surgeons that work for McKellar are highly respected and well-known in the medical community. The board of directors are all retired doctors from the area.​

  • McShoogins Repair

    • St. Peters, MO.

    • A family owned mechanic shop run by the older James McShoogins and his sons Jacob and Sam. Charles Ruebern works for them delivering parts from their supplier in St. Louis. 

  • O’Malley’s Diner       

    • St. Louis, MO.

    • A small, neighborhood diner known to be owned by the Callaghan Family as a meeting place on neutral ground at the very edge of St. Louis city. Nothing obvious ever occurs in the Diner, but the owner has been known to shut down in the middle of the day when a black car arrives. 

  • Priscilla’s Emporium

    • St. Louis, MO

    • A drag clothing store in St. Louis. It carries an assortment of various clothes suitable for drag. They have a small kink corner where they sell collars and cuffs. 

  • Sentinel Investigations

    • St. Louis, MO and Santa Cruz, CA

    • Private Investigation firm run by Sherlock, his brothers, and the Seath Family. 

  • Smoke and Juice                  .

    • St. Peters, MO.

    • A Vapor Café. Recently opened, the Smoke and Juice provides smoking wares and accessories as well as tables to use hookahs in the location. 

  • Strawberry’s Black

    • St. Louis, MO.

    • A Goth Dance club and Dungeon built inside the old brewery. Strawberry’s is one of the few Dungeons that exist that allow full contact and nudity in their lower levels. Because of this, there are strict rules and agreements for those that wish to participate. The club is owned and run by the Patrick sisters. Danica runs the Dungeon, and her Marissa runs the Goth Club on the first floor. 

  • Sweet Clementine’s              

    • St. Louis, MO.

    • A rather unsavory strip club that is known for trafficking drugs. The club is a rumored location for human trafficking, but the FBI has never been able to pin any illegal activity directly on the owner, Evan “Cryst” Fullbright. ​

  • Underdog’s Bite Dojo and Gym

    • St. Peters, MO

    • Dojo and Gym owned by the O’Brien Family and run by primarily by Tiberius Seath.​

  • Vick’s Goldmine Guns and Ammo              

    • St. Louis, MO.

    • A less than reputable pawn shop known to fence stolen goods. It is also a suspected contact point for gun running in the area. 

  • Willow Branch          

    • St. Peters, MO.
    • Pagan New Age Store. Owned by the Founder of the local coven, called the Willow Coven. The coven is eclectic and welcomes practitioners of many different types of paganism. 

  • Zen’s Room

    • St. Louis, MO.

    • Sexual Health and Wellness store based in St. Louis, run by Mistress Zen. She does special orders and often works with both Arch City Leatherworks and Pricilla’s Emporium.

National/Regional Chains

  • The Daily Grind

    • Regional Chain of Coffee Houses. They offer free wi-fi and have cafés inside them that offer sandwiches and pastries. Known for their smoothies and frappe.

  • Randy’s Diner

    • National chain of All-Night Diners. Generally, a decent place to eat, but honestly, no one goes to Randy’s. They end up there because no one else is open. 

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