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Chains of Fate 
Kink in the City Trilogy


An Exclusive Proposition

Kink in the City Trilogy: Book One

Robyn Jameson has worked for almost ten years on the streets and Below in a St. Louis brothel. His life has never been easy, and he started doing what he does early on, and not by his choice. Now, though, he has no problem with what he does, and doesn’t mind being in the life he leads. Now that he has a choice, he chooses to stay. He has friends, money he needs to live, and the drugs that he needs to endure the life he leads. He is not inclined to change anything about this life, at least, he isn’t until he meets his latest john, a suave yet stoic businessman named Ricardo Vasquez.

A slip of a tongue, and the word "Daddy" escapes his lips, only to find his client incredibly turned on by the word. Perhaps he's been seeking something more along the way, and this is a way to see it fulfilled. He doesn't know for sure, but he knows that things in his life can never be simple. He ends up embroiled in something much bigger than himself, and between Ricardo’s near obsession that he adores, and his family making a sudden appearance, Robyn finds himself in a state of complex change.

In his handssmall.png

In His Hands

Kink in the City Trilogy: Book Two

Dana Warner is a new teacher at St. Charles Community College when he encounters a new student coming back to school after a long absence. Without knowing it, he becomes his new student's latest interest. Dana, though, has a lot more going on in his life than it seems at first. Someone from his past has found him, and it’s someone he has never been able to say no to. Even faced with memories of being hurt at his hands, his dominant personality forces Dana into a submissive role.

Jeremiah Harris is running from the past and is just starting a new life in St. Charles with his sister’s help. What he’s leaving behind, though, could come back to haunt him at any time if he’s not careful. He quickly sees that Dana needs something more than he originally thought, and he realizes it is something he can give him. He makes a stand, one that’s either going to get him in trouble, or is going to get him what he wants. 

Content Warning: Intimate Partner Violence (Past), Torture, Blackmailed Sex

Unseen Darknesssmall.png

Unseen Darkness

Kink in the City Trilogy: Book Three

When Harper Fields makes a desperate phone call to a coworker one night, Travis Aguilar doesn't realize what he's getting into. He brings his roommate, Curtis Green with him, and what they find is a young man stuck in an abusive situation. At first, they're at a loss for what to do, but Travis has a past that comes to light very quickly and leaves him in a unique position to help Harper even though Harper believes he can't be helped. The man he's with is more than bad, he's evil, and Harper and Curtis both know all too well the consequences of attempting to leave this type of situation. 

Travis decides to help no matter what, and Curtis comes along with him, seeing someone else in Harper, someone he wants to help, too. What they don't know at first, though, could kill them.

Content Warning: Eye Fetish, Serial Killer, Violence and Gore, Non-Consensual Sexual Violence.

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