Kindle Vella

What is a Kindle Vella Story? It is a story you can read episodically. So, episode by episode. Some of these are complete already, others are still being written as we speak, so give them a try! Read the first three episodes of each story completely for FREE then pay tokens to unlock the following episodes. You can, of course, wait until everything is complete, and buy the ebook or paperback/hardback, but why not have some input into the stories as they develop? Please, enjoy!


CJ Kim is a normal college student. He is doing what most college students do, figuring himself out. He has some strange dreams now and then, but he just thinks they are just dreams. He ends up with a huge crush on a senior that is on the baseball team. He doesn’t even like baseball, but he goes to games just to see him. Of course, he’ll never notice a nerdy English major like CJ. Things are good, though. He even has a good relationship with his parents and his twin sisters.

He never expected his family’s past to come back to haunt him. It rears its head in the worst way possible and CJ finds himself the prisoner of a vengeful man. Thrust into something that goes beyond the everyday, CJ finds out that there’s a fate out there trying to destroy him. He doesn’t know how, but he has to reach for a destiny that he can just barely see.

Jesse has a crush on the quarterback for the St. Begonia Pumas, Vinny. After a party where the football player flirts with him, he is desperate to know if he's gay or not. After a practice, he finds out for sure that the interest is reciprocated. He ends up in an intense long term relationship with him. Things seem to be going well, and they find themselves having a good time together despite the different worlds they each come from.

Of course, he has to deal with hazing from the other jocks and Vinny swears it's just because they like him.  Jesse takes it in stride, and tries to ignore them because of his feelings for Vinny.

​Then, something happens that Jesse has to hide from Vinny, something that could tear them apart for good.

Robyn has worked for almost ten years on the streets and Below in a St. Louis brothel. He has friends, what he needs to live, and the drugs that he needs to endure the life he leads. He has no inclination to change anything about this life, at least, he didn't until he met Ricardo.

A slip of a tongue, and the word "Daddy" escapes his lips, only to find his client incredibly turned on by the word. Perhaps he's been seeking something more along the way, and this is a way to see it fulfilled. He doesn't know for sure, but he knows that things in his life can never be simple.


Contains: Daddy/little kink

Dana is a new teacher at St. Charles Community College when he encounters a new student coming back to school after a long absence. Without knowing it, he becomes his new student's latest interest. Then, this student finds out he has an abusive ex that is trying to get back involved with Dana. He takes a step that might seem extreme, and expresses his interest in a dominating way. Dana is amazed and able to stand up for himself, and he finds himself with a new relationship that may actually fulfill his needs.

Contains: Daddy Dom/princess boy

An abused man is found out by a friend from work, and his secret comes to light. What he doesn't tell them at first is how serious this problem is. His abusive ex is coming for him, one way or another, and he's much more dangerous than his new friends can imagine.

Diego Garcia doesn't expect his life to be turned upside down when he finds a beaten young man behind his garage. He simply thinks he’ll send him off to the police or the hospital and be done with it. However, things don’t work out as easily as he thinks they should. His life has always been rather tame, until Jun Tanaka comes into it. He’s left with person with unique vulnerabilities and a strong personality that shines through despite what has happened to him. He finds himself falling quickly, and steadily, in love with someone he shouldn't. He ends up being taken somewhere he never expected to go, and he loves every moment of it.

Contains: Daddy/little boy

Age Regression and Age Play

When private investigator Conrad Marshal goes into what he thinks is an underage brothel looking for missing kids, what he finds is something he never expected. Those in the brothel are not underage, and they are also not there by choice. Reaching out to the FBI and friends in Santa Cruz, he tries to hand off the victims and leave the scene behind like always. Things don’t work out the way he expects. Instead, he finds himself taking care of a volatile and traumatized young man who attaches to him. He tries to keep his distance, but there is something there between them that he can’t ignore. 

Jamie is struggling to make ends meet, take care of his sisters, and deal with family drama when one of the richest guys he knows asks him out. He's floored by this, and agrees to go out provided his sisters are provided for. Chase is more than willing, and of course, he has expectation of his date for that night. Then, though, things start to get serious for both of them, and Jamie's past comes back to haunt him, leaving him in a complicated position.

Contains: Owner/kitten pet play

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