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Kindle Vella

What is a Kindle Vella Story? It is a story you can read episodically. So, episode by episode. Some of these are complete already, others are still being written as we speak, so give them a try! Read the first three episodes of each story completely for FREE then pay tokens to unlock the following episodes. You can, of course, wait until everything is complete, and buy the ebook or paperback/hardback, but why not have some input into the stories as they develop? Please, enjoy!

Please note: Content Warnings are given; however, Kindle Vella does not allow things like sexual assault to be on the page. Therefore, those scenes are redacted for Kindle Vella. Please see the shop section to purchase the fully detailed versions of these books.

Urban Fantasy Vellas

Chasing the Silver Dragon

A Queer Urban Fantasy

Silver Dragon has become a bane to the werewolf community in the last few years. Designer heroin, one that affects were creatures where normal drugs are simply a passing fancy, has infiltrated the various packs of werewolves. One of these, a young woman named Anna Maddox, wants her brother back somehow from the brink he's standing at. She doesn’t have the courage to go looking herself, afraid of what she might find. Instead she turns to someone she isn’t sure can really help her, but they are the only people who might try.

She reaches out to the ancient order the Children of Asclepius. An order of alchemists and healers, the Children rarely, if ever, leave their hospitals, safe houses, and other secure locations. Duncan Powell isn’t your average alchemist, as he’s been concocting potions for years that his mentors can’t even explain. Everything he does comes at a cost, for one does not use alchemy without paying a toll. Duncan hears Anna’s plea and pledges to help her rescue her brother from the streets of St Louis.

CW: Sexual Assault

Contains: Kink, werecreatures, dubious consent

Stand Alone

Hitching to a Star

A Queer Urban Fantasy

Tobias doesn't think he wants trouble. He just wants an easy-going life until one day he dies, the last of the werepanthers in the world. He’s had a rough time all over the world, and he thinks he’s finally settled into the life he’ll lead until he finally dies of old age out in the middle of nowhere Missouri. But then, he picks up Hinata hitchhiking along the road, and finds himself drawn back into a fight he thought he'd left behind. He calls in help, a Nixie friend who might be able to aid him, then, on his doorstep a couple of Huntresses of Artemis show up. He thinks that’s all, then Hinata’s uncle appears out of nowhere.


Someone is after Hinata, and they have to move on to be safe. Using an interdimensional safe house, they try to get answers to exactly what Hinata is and why the Emperor of the Oni wants him so bad. Linking up with people they don’t expect, they find out that this is all a ruse to get hold of an artifact of immense power: The Ashes of Inara of Japanese folklore.

CW: Sexual Assault

Contains: Kink, demons, dubious consent

Stand Alone

From Ashes

A Queer Urban Fantasy

Zayne Santiago works for the League of Experts in the Supernatural (LES) and thinks he's seen it all. After being in the military most of his young life, and now he works as an elite Detective for the LES. He handles the situations that the bookish types in the LES don’t want to touch. He’s the one that really gets dirty out there. He gets a call to a captured creature being held by a new-to-them band of Supernatural haters and brings it back to their bunker. They don't capture the people holding him, which he's concerned about, but more than that this creature presents a mystery. Then, to Zayne’s surprise, he seems to grow attached, and when they realize what they're dealing with, they're not sure where to go.

A strange biology, and an even stranger attitude toward the human race, leaves them worried about this creature. This is the first time they’ve encountered something truly immortal. They believe he’s male at first, but it turns out it’s much more complicated than that, as he’s equipped to give birth. This creature has features of reproduction resembling a bird, is immortal, and they think they know what he is. The world has never seen the phoenix rise, and they begin to wonder if they might have found it at last.

CW: Sexual Assault, memories of abortions

Contains: MPreg, Birth

Stand Alone

Escaping Fate, Embracing Destiny

A Gay Urban Fantasy

CJ Kim is a normal college student. He is doing what most college students do, figuring himself out, sometimes the hard way. He has some strange dreams now and then, but he just thinks they are just dreams. They’re certainly nothing to worry about when reality is pressing down so hard on him. Between the demands of school and family, he has enough on his mind. 

He ends up with a huge crush on a senior that is on the baseball team. He doesn’t even like baseball, but he goes to games just to see him. Of course, he’ll never notice a gay and nerdy English major like CJ. Things are good, though. He even has a good relationship with his parents and his twin sisters.

He never expects his family’s past to come back to haunt him. It rears its head in the worst way possible and CJ finds himself the prisoner of a vengeful man. Thrust into something that goes beyond what can be considered normal, CJ finds out that there’s a fate out there trying to destroy him. He doesn’t know how, but he has to reach for a destiny that he can just barely see.

CW: Sexual Assault and PTSD

Stand Alone.

Fantasy Vellas

251951-30 (1).png
Air and the Crown

Legacy of the Phoenix, Book Two


Even though the world of Avern has moved on, changes have been set in motion. It has been almost a thousand years since the Abandonment and disappearance of the gods and goddesses of the world, but the Eternal Phoenix has begun awakening. The first, Keiara, the Dark Phoenix, has gathered together two groups of adventurers to go release the first of the divine powers, the Keepers. The Keeper of Life, Death, Magic, and Nature each have been imprisoned by forces in the dark. The Dark Phoenix, the Mother of Gods, has come to the world of Avern to release her children. Those she has gathered split into two groups, and each set out a different direction to search for the imprisoned Keepers.

Sanna leads her group north, taking Jovan, Miira, Syera, and Elmlock with her. Together, they are on a mission to find the Crown of Life, the artifact they believe will free the Keeper of Life from captivity. To do so, though, they must first cross the frozen lands of Phomean and find someone to take them across the Pass of Solace to the home of the water-kin elves, Zeri T’ves. Of course, along the way, they will make new friends and perhaps new foes.

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Kingdom of Earth and Sky

A Queer Romantic Fantasy

The kingdom of Braken is looking to shore up holes in their defense by taking smaller kingdoms as vassal states so they can protect them as well as themselves. Some lands they take by military might, other lands they take as peacefully as they can. Given the preference, the massive kingdom would rather have a peaceful negotiation than a war. In doing so, they approach the land of Skyland. The Skylanders agree, at least, they will agree if the Prince of Braken, Enki, takes the Vestal Prince of Skyland as a bride. Surprised, Enki tries to tell them he must have an heir, but he's informed the prince is half-Aeriel, a race of beings that occupy an astral rift over Skyland. With the treaty formed and made, he takes his new bride home, but the mechanizations of war continue outside the kingdom, and the God King from across the sea threatens more than just the kingdom; he threatens Prince Enki’s bride. 

CW: Non Consensual Sexual Acts

Contains: War, Kidnapping

Stand Alone

His Crown Prince

A Queer Romantic Fantasy

In the small kingdom of Slaxaria, Prince Wren was locked in a tower for years. He doesn't know why and concentrates on his books instead. He’s always been told that his confinement to the tower is for his safety, but he never has been told exactly why. His world is turned upside down when his kingdom is taken over by a neighboring conqueror. His father and three sisters are moved to the tower, and he is taken as a pleasure slave. His captor strips him of all he’s ever been, and he finds that his father kept the reason for confinement a secret. When it is revealed, Wren is at a loss for what to do, as everything in his world has been completely changed with this revelation. Of course, this greatly amusing his captor. Forces move, though, to reclaim the kingdom from the conquerors, but as the outside world moves along, Wren finds himself falling into a strange relationship with this conqueror, and he comes to realize that maybe there’s more to the world than what he’s read in his dusty books. 

CW: Non Consensual Sexual Acts, Exhibitionism

Contains: War, Slavery

Stand Alone

Contemporary Romance
Stand Alone Vellas

These stories are separate from other universes and are all stand alone novels. Some take place with other authors, and some are written solo. Please enjoy.


Order From Chaos - With J. Foster

A Queer Romantic Drama

Jayden Wilcox has struggled with depression since he was a child. His father left early on, and his stepfather was abusive. At ten, his biological father’s parents adopted him. He lives comfortably on their property, spending his days caring for his plants and dreaming of becoming a botanist one day. One morning, his depression becomes too much for him, and he decides to seek out help. Leaving his grandparents, he goes and checks himself into a psychiatric ward to get the help he needs. He makes new friends, Freddie and Zak, each with their own issues. Quickly, the three become friends, and then things start developing in ways Jayden doesn’t understand at first.

CW: Past Trauma

Contains: Mental Health Issues, Depression, Suicidal Thoughts 

Stand Alone

Chained Butterfly - With J. Foster

A Queer Romantic Drama

Skye is thrown out by his Master of four years, leaving him alone and unsure of what to do next. When the domineering Dominic asks him out the very next day at work, he's shocked, but pleased, and they shortly after start dating. But Skye has needs that need to be filled, and he's got to wonder if Dominic has what it takes. A nervous question leads to a trip to Club Passion, a local dungeon, where Dominic is introduced to a whole new world.

CW: Past Abuse

Contains: BDSM

Stand Alone

Anima Hollow - With J. Foster

A Queer Romantic Drama

Rory is suffering in his stepfather's abusive house, and he doesn't see any way out other than to keep going to school and hope he can afford to leave some day. Then, as he starts at St. Sebastian College, he meets Christopher, who even though he barely knows him, invites him to come stay with him and his roommates at their home, Anima Hollow. Rory doesn't know what to do, but he knows something has to change. He takes Christopher’s hand and finds himself in a world he never knew existed.

Everything doesn’t go according to plan, though, and his stepfather’s legacy rears its ugly head, leading to Rory suffering at the hands of people he has nothing to do with. He has one thought, and that’s to get back to the people that he cares about more than anything, a family unlike the one he grew up in, and love that he never received.

CW: Past Abuse, Drug Misuse, Non Consensual Bondage

Contains: Self-harm

Stand Alone


Sweet Obedience

A Queer BDSM Romance

Cerise sees something he should not, and now he has an Italian Mafia family on his trail. Narrowly avoiding a kidnapping, he's rescued by the head of CyberCorp and patron of the school he goes to. McMahon takes him in and presents him with a proposition. His submission in exchange for his family's protection.

CW: Non Consensual Sexual Violence

Contains: BDSM

Stand Alone


Behind the Red - With J. Foster

A Queer Romantic Drama

Kerry surprises his father by coming out as gay and cross-dresser. Then again, when he starts performing in drag. But things go awry when it seems like someone is out to convince Kerry he's losing his mind, and sometimes it feels like he's being watched. Adding in an FBI agent on the trail of some serial killers, and there's a lot going on in Kerry's much wider world than ever before.

CW: Stalking, Non Consensual Sexual Violence, Kidnapping

Contains: Drag shows, burlesque shoes, spiders

Stand Alone

Getting His Wings

A Queer Romance

Phoenix was orphaned at six years old, and ever since he's been beside his foster brother, Gibson. Phoenix, though, doesn't speak, and never has, which has caused no end of problems over his life. For as long as he can remember, he’s been labeled as mentally challenged and a problem child because he doesn’t speak. The only people to ever help him has been Gibson’s family, but that is shattered when Gibson’s mother dies, and his father remarries a cruel woman named Alice. When Gibson’s father falls ill, Alice takes custody out of pure spite at the loss of her income. 

Turning eighteen, his foster mother gains guardianship, binding him in this abusive situation. Gibson decides that he must do something to help him, but he’s unsure of what he can possibly do. In the meantime, he opts to take him to learn some self-defense, and when there, Phoenix meets someone surprising, the owner of the dojo.  

CW: Abuse, Memories of Child Abuse

Contains: TBD

Stand Alone

Dark Romance Vellas

Shadow Complex

A Dark Gay Romance

Weaver is the front man for Tellurian Shadow, a local metal band. Things are going well in the music business, and they're exploding in popularity. All isn't well for everyone, though, because Weaver is receiving threating cards from someone. After six months, he goes to the police, but they can't do much but put someone on him. Even with the police close, he still gets gifts and cards from his stalker. He begins to doubt everyone around him and starts becoming paranoid of every fan he sees. No matter what, he can’t relax.

 After some time, Weaver disappears, leaving his band mantes to wonder what happened to him. One of them, the band’s creator Sebastian, is determined to find him no matter what it takes. Weaver ends up waking to find himself the prisoner of a man with an obsession and a plan to make Weaver into his perfect prey and his ideal companion for life.

CW: Non Consensual Sexual Violence, Stalking, Kidnapping, Torture, Body Modification

Note: Complete version is only available through Fictionate or this website due to Amazon's content restrictions. Redacted version available on Kindle Vella.

Clipped Wings

A Dark Gay Romance

Raven lives the life he wants. He is in love with the head of a mafia organization and his second in command. At least, that's what he thinks. Groomed from childhood, Raven knows no other way to live until Cyrus takes him away one day. He hates him for it and wants nothing more than to go back to the man he loves so much. Cyrus has to convince him it's not love, and that he needs to stay away from the man who has treated him so poorly.

CW: Dubious Consensual Sexual Violence, Torture

Note: Complete version is only available through Fictionate or this website due to Amazon's content restrictions. Redacted version available on Kindle Vella.

Through a Cracked Lens

A Dark Gay Romance

Sidney is alone, and no one believes him that he's being attacked and tormented nightly at a private psychiatric center. The doctors and everyone else say it is just a part of his mental illness, but he's sure that it isn't that. A new doctor, Dr. Rutledge starts working with him, and for the first time, Sidney thinks he might get someone to listen to him. Meanwhile, Conner Rutledge is steadily doing what a doctor should never do and falling for a patient.

CW: Non Consensual Sexual Violence, Human Experimentation

Note: Complete version is only available through Fictionate or this website due to Amazon's content restrictions. Redacted version available on Kindle Vella.

The Camera's Eye

A Dark Gay Romance


​Alexis Baldwin doesn't realize the trouble he's getting himself into when he flunks out of college and returns home to the small suburb of St. Charles. It all started so simply, as a way to relax and have fun with others, but things quickly got out of hand. A drug problem leads to these issues, but he can't communicate with his friends or family out of fear of judgement. He fears that they will look at him differently if they know the truth, but despite wanting to, he can’t give up the drugs he’s come to depend on to make it through each day. A new supplier promises what he needs, but when he goes there, he wants something different out of Alexis. Traumatized by the encounter, he manages to go home, running into a friend, making him curious about what happened. His friends know something more is going on and want to help in any way they can. 

CW: Non Consensual Sexual Violence, Blackmail

Note: Complete version is only available through Ream or this website due to Amazon's content restrictions. Redacted version available on Kindle Vella.

Streaming Fear

A Dark Gay Romance


Blair is secretly in love with his best friend, Trace, but he fears losing the friendship if he tells him. Instead, he leaves for college where he meets Quintin. They form a relationship and move in together, forming a happy home for both. Then, someone starts leaving gifts and stalking Blair online and off. Their apartment is rearranged no matter what fancy locks, and they can't figure out what to do to stop it. They get the police involved, but the stalker leaves no clues behind, and he keeps getting into their place. Then, things come to a head, and Blair goes on the run until one day Trace finds him and wants to know the truth. Blair tries to force him away, fearing for Trace’s life because he’s still on the run from the stalker that’s after him. Trace, though, refuses, Blair has to wonder if he can truly have a life with the man he loves beyond all else in the world. 

CW: Non Consensual Sexual Violence, Blackmail

Note: Complete version is only available through Ream or this website due to Amazon's content restrictions. Redacted version available on Kindle Vella.

Fusion of the Soul

A Dark Gay Romance


Jackie has a bright medical career in front of him, and while love and relationships have never been a priority, he goes out and dances every chance he gets with his female friends at the club. He plays their boyfriend and lets them have a good time while he enjoys the chance to dance, one of his passions. One night, though, when criminals running a human trafficking ring grab him and his friend, he finds himself in a terrible place, shattered beyond comprehension. Once he finally awakens, the problem is amnesia, then he’s forced to face things he doesn’t want to face. This leaves his psyche split, and his true self hidden underneath. The FBI agent assigned to him is trying to piece him together, but the question of if it is even possible remains. All the while, the agent finds himself more and more pulled into the world Jackie has created and finds that he loves every minute of it. 

CW: Non Consensual Sexual Violence, Torture, Drug Use

Note: Complete version is only available through Ream or this website due to Amazon's content restrictions. Redacted version available on Kindle Vella.

Omegaverse Vellas

Delicate Rememberance

An Omegaverse Novel

Onyx is mated and soon to marry his alpha, Jackson. He lives with his brother and his boyfriend and has a wonderful life that is meaningful and leads to good things for him. Even though he’s an omega, he plans to have a life worth something no matter what. Still, he wants to grow his family and he’s on track to get everything he’s ever wanted out of life. 

Then, his world burns hot and something's different. Now he's with an alpha named Steven and he can't remember anything except what he tells him. He still dreams of a redheaded man who whispers love to him that Steven never does. He wonders if he'll ever recall his past, or if he'll continue to sit for hours under the strange machine that helps him remember what happened to him. 

CW: Non Consensual Sexual Acts, Torture

Contains: Kidnapping, Male Pregnancy, Unethical Experimentation

Stand Alone

Shelter from the Storm

An Omegaverse Novel

Ashley is an omega afflicted with the strange Omega Sickness which renders omegas fully dependent on their alphas and caretakers for years of their young lives. He is also under the thumb of a powerful beta named Layne Simmons. Layne abhors alphas and takes that fact out on his unfortunate omega. Abused and unsure that anything will change, he's rescued and whisked off to the Omega House Shelter by a man with a conscious. Once there, he doesn't know what to do, but things begin to go wrong for him quickly. The heat comes on next, then they’re on the run and he’s stuck in an apartment with an alpha he greatly desires and the one that triggered his heat to start with. As they work out what to do, Layne intends to take back what’s his and punish those at fault for taking his omega away from him. 

CW: Non Consensual Sexual Acts, Torture

Contains: Kidnapping, Male Pregnancy

Stand Alone

Sci Fi and Fantasy Vella
With Atlas Anderson

Where Demons Fear to Tread

A Queer Sci Fi Fantasy

When Vilem Boyle is tasked with bringing down the vast network of demon hating groups that threaten the peace in New Sacramento, he doesn’t think he’ll have a problem. Before starting at the organization known as Eleutheria’s Children, he was an elite military officer. His next assignment is to put an end to Purgatory, a facility that specializes in torturing and murdering demons for the pleasure of humans. While demons aren’t technically “people” by the laws of the United States, people like Vilem work to bring them to that status. All he wants is an end to the inequality between the two groups. 

When they finally get a break, and bust Purgatory wide open, they’re on the run from the people who are behind the evil organization. With his witch partner at his side, he is determined to protect the demons they’ve rescued, even when one of them starts getting far too close. He has to make quick decisions, and always lets his head rule them, but now he’s finding it’s at war with what he thought was a stone-cold heart

CW: Slavery, Sexual Exploitation

Contains: Animal Traits, Demons, Drug Use

Stand Alone

On A Distant Moon

A Queer Sci Fi Romance

Baily and Avery were born twins, but Baily knows Avery isn't really his twin. They are creatives in a world of scientists, and end up in the wrong place, at the wrong time. They are both snatched up by slavers and taken to Slaver's Moon to be trained for their lives ahead. Baily is made a pleasure slave while his brother Avery is made a Gladiator. After months of torturous training at the hands of the slavers, they are ushered onto the ship.

Taken to a moon to be sold, they are instead liberated by the leader of the community, Harley Read, a human augmented with animal DNA, one of the failed experiments left on the moons to survive or die. Baily and Avery find something unique about the people of this moon, but there are forces yet to be dealt with. Together, they've got to solve the mystery of what's happening and who is behind the slavers that plague the moons of New Jupiter.

CW: Slavery, Sexual Exploitation

Contains: Animal Traits, Cybernetics, Sexual Assault (Past)

Stand Alone

Golden After

A Queer Sci Fi Romance

Earth was dying, and in a desperate attempt to save it, the United Nations sanctioned a last-ditch effort and allowed an international corporation to enact a plan. Nanites would be spread throughout the atmosphere, and they would repair the damage global warming and other human created disasters had caused. Humans locked themselves in bunkers, utilizing Cryosleep chambers to allow the world to heal while they slept. At least, that was the plan.

Over two hundred fifty years later, on a much-changed Earth, Ashe is a collector of ancient technology and artifacts. Born on Earth after his parents awoke from Cryosleep, he knows no other world. He, like so many, are mutated by the nanite influences, and his family carefully guards the secret of how it has affected him. On a discovery mission, he runs into trouble, and finds himself on board the salvage ship the Golden Siren, pulled into the middle of a world of intrigue.

CW: Slavery, Sexual Exploitation

Contains: Animal Traits, Cybernetics, Sexual Assault

Stand Alone

The Hellbinder Prophecy

A Queer Sci Fi Romance

Nova Steele lost his parents in the Demon War and is awarded a demonic slave as reparations by the World Government. He does what one should not, and falls for his demonic slave, perhaps because he doesn't believe in having a slave to start with. Then, everything changes when the Hellbinding breaks. Nova ends up at the mercy of his demon, who is more than he seems.

CW: Slavery

Contains: Demons

Stand Alone

Under the Rose

A Queer Sci Fi Fantasy Romance

When Grayson takes over the St. Albert police, he doesn't realize what kind of corruption he's dealing with. When a local boy comes in with a black eye, he takes action, going to investigate his home. What he finds horrifies him, but more than that, leads him down a path he doesn't expect.

CW: Sexual Assault, Unethical Experimentation

Contains: Cybernetics, Alchemy

Stand Alone

Chains of Fate - Contemporary Crime Drama and Romance
Doctor's Training Trilogy Vellas

Chains of Fate begins with the Doctor's Training Trilogy. Characters from this trilogy make appearances in most of the other books that follow. This is the ONLY trilogy that needs to be read in order. This is Part 1, 2, and 3, and you should read Stolen Innocence before you start Safe Haven.

Safe Haven

Part Two of Doctor's Training


Getting used to being locked up in a safe house, Devan Sullivan finds himself trying to deal with a past he’d rather forget in his attempts to help the young doctor Kieran Sung heal from his recent attack. The group is confined to the large Seath mansion, a house made specifically to protect the mob connected children of Irish Mobster Damien Seath. Things are not what they seem, and connections that were never intended are made between unlikely members of the Seath household and the people they are striving to help protect. Outside, the FBI is scrambling to avoid an all-out war between the rival mobsters Rian Callaghan and Liam O’Brien. However, is everything between the two Family Heads as simple as it appears?

Safe Haven is the second part of the Doctor’s Training Trilogy. This is a story of healing that examines D/s culture, the complexities of polyamory, and how people often deal with mental and physical trauma. Follow Kieran, Devan, Varick, Carmine, and the rest of their pack as together they navigate a world that rarely accepts people that do not fit in with the accepted ideals.

CW: Sexual Assault and PTSD

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Blooming Camellia

Part Three of Doctor's Training

As everyone is moved frantically to safety after the attack on the Seath Safe house, no one is sure of the future for the Seath Family and the four people they want to protect. The young doctor at the center of all the chaos, Dr. Kieran Sung, begins to realize there is more to life than what he has done with it. Kieran reaches for Devan Sullivan, the latest victim in the conflict that his own kidnapping began, and finds a companion along the road to healing and recovery. They begin to see that their journey is together as the conflict between the two mob bosses Liam O’Brien and Rian Callaghan comes to a soul-wrenching conclusion.

Blooming Camellia is the final part of the Doctor’s Training Trilogy. This is a story of healing that examines D/s culture, the complexities of polyamory, and how people often deal with mental and physical trauma. Follow Kieran, Devan, Varick, Carmine, and the rest of their pack as together they navigate a world that rarely accepts people that do not fit in with the accepted ideals. 


Chains of Fate - Contemporary Crime Drama and Romance
Kink in the City Trilogy Vellas

Chains of Fate begins with the Doctor's Training Trilogy. These books take place afterward but can be read as stand alone. They each have different characters and follow a different story, so you can pick one of them and start there if you like. You do not have to have read Doctor's Training, though some characters may show up from previous trilogies and stories.

An Exclusive Proposition

Kink in the City Book One

​Robyn Jameson has worked for almost ten years on the streets and Below in a St. Louis brothel. His life has never been easy, and he started doing what he does early on, and not by his choice. Now, though, he has no problem with what he does, and doesn’t mind being in the life he leads. Now that he has a choice, he chooses to stay. He has friends, money he needs to live, and the drugs that he needs to endure the life he leads. He is not inclined to change anything about this life, at least, he isn’t until he meets his latest john, a suave yet stoic businessman named Ricardo Vasquez.

​A slip of a tongue, and the word “Daddy” escapes his lips, only to find his client incredibly turned on by the word. Perhaps he’s been seeking something more along the way, and this is a way to see it fulfilled. He doesn’t know for sure, but he knows that things in his life can never be simple. He ends up embroiled in something much bigger than himself, and between Ricardo’s near obsession that he adores, and his family making a sudden appearance, Robyn finds himself in a state of complex change.

CW: Discussion of past Child Sexual Assault

Contains: Daddy/little kink

Can be read as a Stand Alone, but best after reading Doctor's Training.

In His Hands

Kink in the City Book Two

Dana Warner is a new teacher at St. Charles Community College when he encounters a new student coming back to school after a long absence. Without knowing it, he becomes his new student’s latest interest. Dana, though, has a lot more going on in his life than it seems at first. Someone from his past has found him, and it’s someone he has never said no to. Even faced with memories of being hurt by his hands, his dominant personality forces Dana into a submissive role.

Jeremiah Harris is running from the past and is just starting a new life in St. Charles with his sister’s help. What he’s leaving behind, though, could come back to haunt him at any time if he’s not careful. He quickly sees that Dana needs something more than he originally thought, and he realizes it is something he can give him. He makes a stand, one that’s going to get him in trouble, or is going to get him what he wants. 

CW: Past Intimate Partner Violence/Sexual Abuse

Contains: Daddy Dom/princess boy

Can be read as a Stand Alone but best read after Doctor's Training.

Unseen Darkness

Kink in the City Book Three

When Harper Fields makes a desperate phone call to a coworker one night, Travis Aguilar doesn’t realize what he’s getting into. He brings his roommate, Curtis Green, with him, and what they find is a young man stuck in an abusive situation. At first, they’re at a loss for what to do, but Travis has a past that comes to light quickly and leaves him in a unique position to help Harper, even though Harper believes he can’t be helped. The man he’s with is more than bad, he’s evil, and Harper and Curtis both know all too well the consequences of attempting to leave this type of situation.

Travis decides to help no matter what, and Curtis comes along with him, seeing someone else in Harper, someone he wants to help, too. What they don’t know at first, though, could kill them.

CW: Eye Fetish, Sexual Assault, Gore

Can be read as a Stand Alone but best read after Doctor's Training. 

Chains of Fate - Contemporary Crime Drama and Romance
Santa Cruz Trilogy Vellas

Chains of Fate begins with the Doctor's Training Trilogy. These books take place afterward but can be read as stand alone. They each have different characters and follow a different story, so you can pick one of them and start there if you like. You do not have to have read Doctor's Training, though some characters may show up from previous trilogies and stories.

Seaside Memories

Santa Cruz Trilogy Book One

Diego Garcia doesn’t expect his life to be turned upside down when he finds a beaten young man behind his garage. He simply thinks he’ll send him off to the police or the hospital and be done with it. However, things don’t work out as easily as he thinks they should. This guy doesn’t want to go to either place, and pleads with Diego to stay with him. He’s a little odd, and clings to him desperately, so what can he say but yes. Diego calls in some friends to help him and ends up in something bigger than he ever imagined. His life has always been rather tame until Jun Tanaka comes into it. Jun needs someone badly, and Diego at first doesn’t know what to do. He realizes that he’s become that person to Jun, and he can’t just leave him alone.

Diego is left with a person with unique vulnerabilities and a strong personality that shines through despite what has happened to him. He finds himself falling quickly, and steadily, in love with someone he shouldn’t. He ends up being taken somewhere he never expected to go, and he loves every moment. Even with looming doom over them, something stirs in the very stars that threatens to break them apart.

CW: Past Sexual Assault, Abuse

Contains: Daddy/little boyAge Regression and Age Play

Can be read as a Stand Alone, but best after Doctor's Training.

Inside the Doll House

Santa Cruz Trilogy Book Two

When private investigator Conrad Marshal goes into the Dollhouse, what he thinks is an underage brothel, looking for missing kids, what he finds is something he never expected. Those in the brothel are not underage, but they are also not there by choice. Drugged and resembling made up dolls, they’re being guarded and kept from leaving. 

Reaching out to the FBI and friends in Santa Cruz, he tries to hand off the victims and leave the scene behind like always. Things don’t work out the way he expects. Instead of leaving for his next case, he finds himself taking care of a volatile and traumatized young man named Taylor Owens who attaches to him. Conrad tries to keep his distance, but there is something there between them that he can’t ignore. Something intense and unbreakable. He’s the only one that Taylor will communicate with in a meaningful way, and Taylor is supposed to be the next “chosen” of the group by the nefarious people that were holding them. There’s more than just a brothel in the Dollhouse, and now Conrad has to figure out what is really going on. 

CW: Past Sexual Assault, Sex Trafficking, PTSD

Can be read as a Stand Alone, but best after Doctor's Training.

The Edge of the Blade

Santa Cruz Trilogy Book Three


Miguel Ramírez has spent three long years undercover getting into a position to bust a human trafficking ring wide open. He’s worked hard and got himself into a trusted position few are able to do in this relatively new, but powerful, organization. When he’s in the process, the sadistic head of the division decides to leave him some “entertainment” in the form of a young man he can’t sell. Miguel is annoyed by the interference, but he takes the frightened Casey Ellis with him when he leaves. 

Casey attaches to him and won’t let anyone else near him, making the next few hours very difficult until the traumatized young man can be sedated safely. At first Miguel can’t stand the idea of being involved in the long term, but eventually he starts to warm up to it. Then, he starts to feel things he doesn’t understand, and they are pulling the organization apart one piece at a time. Between Casey’s previous “owner” and his determination to reclaim his property, and a mysterious pale skinned man who claims to be Casey’s closest friend, Miguel can’t be sure exactly what’s going on. He knows one thing, though, and that’s that he’ll protect what’s his at all costs, damn all consequences.

CW: Piercing Fetish, Sexual Assault, Extreme Violence

Can be read as a Stand Alone, but best after Doctor's Training.

Chains of Fate - Contemporary Crime Drama and Romance
Dawnstar Trilogy Vellas

Chains of Fate begins with the Doctor's Training Trilogy. These books take place afterward but can be read as stand alone. They each have different characters and follow a different story, so you can pick one of them and start there if you like. You do not have to have read Doctor's Training, though some characters may show up from previous trilogies and stories.

A Rose in the Dark

Dawnstar Trilogy Book One

Parker McCreary wants nothing more than to propose to his longtime girlfriend Tatiana. They’ve been together since childhood, and she’s always been there to tell him what to do and when to do it. All that’s left is to propose to her with the ring he’s studiously saved for over the last few weeks. When he does, though, things don’t go as he planned. She becomes incensed, and she takes out her anger on him, as she usually does. He leaves, wandering outside in the streets of downtown St. Louis.

Quinn Bartlett is just hanging out at a local street vendor when this guy runs into him, bleeding and confused. He takes him to a doctor he knows well and gets him taken care of. Through a rare set of circumstances, he takes him home to keep an eye on him. He finds himself, though, pulled along in an odd set of circumstances, and a tale of intrigue begins that leaves him wondering what he’s ever done with his life.

CW: Intimate Partner Violence, Sexual Assault, Revenge

Can be read as a Stand Alone, but best after Doctor's Training.

An Open Book

Dawnstar Trilogy Book Two

Christian Roberson moves to St. Louis to start a new job as a psychology professor while he works on his doctorate with his mentor. He leaves behind a counseling practice in Columbia, his own mental health waning and making things difficult for him. He gets a job at a local university teaching psychology and related classes and prepares himself for a very different life from that of being a professional psychologist. During his first class, though, a younger man catches his eye, and intrigues him, and not in a good way. Something is wrong, and he knows that something must be done. He knows he shouldn’t interfere with a student’s life, but his heart won’t listen to his brain’s recitation of a code of ethics. Rowan Butler needs help, and he knows it, ethics be damned.

He investigates and knows there’s more to the situation than meets the eye. Everything appears to be in order, but is it really? He doesn’t think so, and he takes steps necessary to find out what is going on in Rowan’s life to make him show the obvious symptoms of trauma he exhibits. Even as prepared for anything as he thinks he is, he’s not prepared in the least for what happens next. He is embroiled in more than he imagines, and while he’s at it, finds himself falling steadily for someone he definitely should not even think of falling for.

CW: Past and present sexual assault, PTSD, Past Child Sexual Assault, Abuse, Drug use

Contains power imbalance, teacher/student relationship, and kink.

Can be read as a Stand Alone, but best after Doctor's Training.

A Gentle Touch

Dawnstar Trilogy Book Three


Lucero Santo has a crush on the quiet exchange student from Mexico. Half Mexican himself, he has always been interested in his origins, but more than that, he’s looking for the right person. He’s seeking a person who needs him as much as he needs to be needed. It’s more than sex for him, and unlike his friend, he can’t just take a one-night stand and be happy. He has to dedicate his heart. His friend Eric Noble is a determined wingman, and when the object of his interest, Angel Lopez, ends up in their chemistry class, he’s at the same time excited and nervous.

However, something’s wrong now with the quiet student, and it’s more than just being in a new country. Angel has bruises and is more closed off than before. Lucero is insistent, though, and keeps pressing until he’s fully immersed in what’s going on, and it goes far beyond just Angel. When the FBI gets involved, he realizes exactly what he and Eric have got themselves into is far bigger than they expected. There’s a complete organization at work, and bringing it entirely down is the mission now.

CW: Sexual Assault, sex trafficking, bad BDSM etiquette

Contains master/pet, master/slave kinks

Can be read as a Stand Alone, but best after Doctor's Training.

Chains of Fate - Contemporary Crime Drama and Romance
The Taming Game Trilogy Vellas

Chains of Fate begins with the Doctor's Training Trilogy. These books take place afterward but can be read as stand alone. They each have different characters and follow a different story, so you can pick one of them and start there if you like. You do not have to have read Doctor's Training, though some characters may show up from previous trilogies and stories.

Claiming Belladonna

The Taming Game Book One


Tayvon Philips has nowhere to call home. He spends his time surfing couches, and staying with friends that don't all have his best interest in mind. Then, he's approached at his university one day by a man named Ziggy Yuki who isn't deterred by his young age. He mentions being into BDSM and seems to want Tay to join him. What this will do to his current state in life, Tay has no idea, but something about the strange man pulls him in. 

Ziggy Yuki is a married man in an open relationship with his husband, a Japanese American man. Ziggy himself is from Japan. His whole life is in serving his husband, but the young Tay ignites a fire inside him for the side of him he never knew existed. With his husband's blessing, he pursues him further, bringing him into their dynamic. They don't know the troubles they'll face along the way, but they're capable of tackling these things together with Tay.

CW: Drug use

Chains of Fate
Stand Alone Vellas

These can be read without having read the other Chains of Fate Novels. They feature characters from other novels but it is not necessary to know all their history to be able to read them.

Rainbow Daisy

A Kinky Gay Romance


Jamie Simmons is struggling to make ends meet, take care of his sisters, and deal with family drama when one of the richest guys he knows asks him out. He’s amazed by this, first because apparently Chase is gay, and second that he’d ask out a poor guy like him. He agrees to go out with him if his sisters are provided with dinner as well. Chase Matherson is more than willing, and of course, he has expectations of his date for that night. Jamie gets back home, thinking that it was a one-night stand, and nothing more. 

To his surprise, Chase calls him back and wants to go out again. Jamie still thinks of the whole situation as transactional. His sisters and he get fed, and Chase gets what he wants for the night. Even though Jamie enjoys their time together, he doesn’t think of it as being more than what it is: sex.

Then, though, things start to get serious for both, and Jamie’s past comes back to haunt him, leaving him in a complicated position. As the world changes around him, Jamie wonders where Chase will stand when all of this is over. Chase is a fast guy in an even faster car, and Jamie wonders if there’s any way he can keep up.

CW: Past child abuse, blackmail sex

Contains: Owner/kitten pet play

Stand Alone in the Chains of Fate World.


A Bit of Lace

A Kinky Gay Romance

Braydon Klein is just looking for a hookup. He doesn’t want to be tied down to a girlfriend, but he wants someone he can call on when he feels the need to sleep with someone. He wants no strings, just a friend with benefits, and he just can’t seem to find the right girl for that. His roommate suggests a femboy that he knows that would be down for a hookup, and at first, he says he’s not gay. With a little convincing, he decides to at least take the guy out. What he finds is a partner who can and will defend himself, and who isn’t delicate in the least.

River Meyer is also just looking to have a little fun. He’s not interested in the long-term thing, and he just wants to go out and get a good night out of someone. He gives dating Braydon a try, and likes what he wants, but as time goes on, things start to shift. Perhaps he’s interested in more than just a one-night stand after all, but he doesn’t know how to tell Braydon that. Then, a past date comes back with a vengeance, leaving River in a delicate position, something he doesn’t like in the least.

CW: Sexual Assault

Contains: Feminization, cross dressing, kinky 

Stand Alone in the Chains of Fate Worldd


A Kinky Gay Romance

Cadence Walker suffers in literal silence since the death of his mother, and those around him don't seem to care. In fact, he shoulders the blame for his mother’s untimely death from the time she passes. However, more is going on than anyone could imagine. Then, he ends up spending a week in the hospital and people start to take notice, in particular a friend named Damian Wolfe. When the police put an end to his torment, he doesn’t know what to do with himself anymore.

Damian starts trying to intercede, and when he does manage to do so, things change drastically. Cadence has a hard time seeing how it is better, but maybe Damian can teach him how to live.

CW: Non-Consensual Sexual Violence, Non-Consensual Incest

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