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Coming Soon: The Trickster

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

An orphan left alone in a London orphanage after being rescued from a black-market child ring finds himself ostracized by the other children. He’s weird. His eyes are different colors. And he just doesn’t listen to the matron. He’s only five, and he’s already given up on being happy. Then, an American woman with an overpowering presence and her seemingly meek husband come and find that he is a perfect fit for their family. Later, a teenager with a stubborn streak finds himself pulled into a world of sex trafficking that he’s convinced he chose. Coping becomes easier with drugs, and he ends up trying to rip off the wrong dealers. He finds himself given a second chance with an old man who misses his daughters, and later, a woman who just wants to save those that are pulled into a hellish life.

Follow the story of Devan Sullivan from his days as Sully, to his rebirth as Loki.

A Chains of Fate Story.

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