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The Trickster: Sneak Peek

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

March 1993 – London, England

“All the papers are in order. Mrs. Sullivan, what are you wishing in a child?” the matron of the London orphanage asked.

Karen Sullivan and her husband Donald had come to the orphanage to see about adopting a child. Karen had recently undergone surgery to remove both ovaries due to severe cysts. The couple had been married for several years already and had planned on having children once her ovarian cysts were gone. Now, they knew that would never happen. They had been in London for a year already and were not planning to move for at least another year.

Donald was a corporate lawyer for an up-and-coming business called Dawnstar Industries. Dawnstar was securing land in several foreign countries, and Donald was one of the best lawyers in his employ for arranging such things. Karen was not only his wife, but also his secretary. Of course, in addition to their work dynamic, Karen and Donald Sullivan also were a committed Dominant and submissive. Since they first met in Donald’s office, Karen knew he was a submissive sort, and her ability to control even the most out of control situation had attracted the new lawyer

“We really have no preferences, simply whatever child suits us best,” she said with a sweet tone to her voice. “We’ve tried so long, and I’m already in my thirties. I’d like to fulfill our dream of having a child or two.”

“Alright, come along, then,” the matron stated and stood. “We’ll go to the ten and under room first, and then to the nursery, and you can decide what age child you wish to adopt.”

Donald spoke as they walked. “Perhaps not a baby, at first. We will be traveling a lot around England over the next couple years, and an infant might prove difficult.”

Karen nodded at him. “True. Trains with infants are a nightmare.”

She led them into a large play area. Around the room, little kids from about three to ten were playing. Some played with blocks, others with coloring books, but off to the side, there was a little boy sitting by himself on the floor with some toy cars. He had blonde hair that was nearly white, and he was incredibly thin and pale. He, like all the kids, were wearing clothes that were donated, but he looked like no one had cared what they put on him. He was in a t-shirt that hung off his thin shoulders, and a pair of shorts that were past his knees. Karen’s attention went to him immediately. The other kids walked around him, and as she watched, another little boy came over and grabbed his cars away. He looked up at the boy and Karen saw he looked like he was going to cry.

“Gonna cry, freak?” the little boy said and left.

The pale boy sighed, shoulders slumping and pulled his knees to his chest. He then put his head down to rest his forehead on his knees. Karen glanced at the other children, all happily playing. The matron noticed where she was looking.

“You shouldn’t bother considering that one. He’s to be sent off to an institution for mentally impaired children soon,” she said with a smug expression.

Karen frowned, glancing at Donald who arched a brow at her. “Why would he be sent away instead of finding a family?” she asked.

“He’s deficient. The child just stares at you when you talk to him. He doesn’t interact with the other children and refuses to do anything he’s told no matter how many times he’s punished. I personally believe he’s completely off in the head. There’s some genetic issue with him. I mean, look at the discoloration of his skin and hair? And those eyes are disconcerting.” She shook her head. “It is a sad case, he was one of a group of children that were freed from a black-market ring INTERPOL intercepted about two years ago. There were a few other cases like his, with the weird looks. I guess in some places, they want genetic freaks like him.”

Karen turned her normally calm eyes toward her, and Donald stepped back a pace. He knew that look. His wife was slipping into a mindset normally reserved only for him. Karen had a temper, a horrible one that she had inherited from her drunkard of a father. That same father had abused her and her brothers when they were young. She left her house at eighteen and never looked back, but it took her time to learn to control that anger. Channeling it through Domination had been the best solution for her, and she had become an exquisite sadistic Domme. Donald was a completely submissive masochist, and she appealed to everything he wanted. Now and then, though, her old temper came to the surface. Before he said anything, she was headed over where the pale child was sitting.

When she got close, he lifted his head and looked at her. Karen breathed in because his eyes were two colors. One was light blue, and the other was a darker green color. His eyelashes and eyebrows were white.

“Hey, I’m Karen. What’s your name?” she asked.

He blinked at her and his mouth moved without sound and he looked confused.

“Your name?” she asked, watching his eyes as she spoke. Again, he watched, and she understood. She growled under her breath. “These fucking idiots.”

She smiled at him and opened her arms, gesturing for him to come to her with her hands. He stood up slowly and walked forward and Karen pulled him into her arms. She felt his small arms clutch him, and Karen had to wonder exactly how long since someone had held this poor child. She easily picked up his small body, finding that he easily wrapped his legs and arms about her.

The matron was glaring at her. Karen shook her head. “Are you lot completely daft?”

“What?” gasped the older woman.

“You didn’t think to check his hearing! The poor thing is trying to read lips, you idiot woman!”

“He can hear fine,” the matron scoffed. “He chooses to listen when he wants.”

“When? When the rest of the place is quiet? When there aren’t fifteen children running around playing? He’s not completely deaf, you moronic woman! He can hear well enough if there isn’t a bunch of other noise! Of course, he can’t do what you want all the time!” Karen snorted. “I’m adopting this little boy, and I’m taking him out of here straight to the nearest hearing doctor so he can have proper treatment. Then, I’m going to a genetic doctor to see what exactly has caused his condition, whatever it is.”

Karen felt the tiny hands clutching her tightly and she turned her head. “Don’t worry. Your new name is going to be Devan Kasen Sullivan. And from now on, you’re going to be loved.”

To Be Continued...

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